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A Guide to ManageFlitter for Social Marketers


Analytics plays a major role and is the key to success of any Social Media campaign. It not only helps a brand access its campaign strategy better but also gives valuable inputs on interactions by its followers. If you have been handling Twitter for your clients, chances are that at some point of time you would have experienced a flat graph with little or no activity on the follower front. What could have been the reason? Was it low quality followers or fake followers or both? Fake profiles and inactive users (bots, in technical language) are usually program run profiles ... Read More »

The Top 100 Brands on Twitter Analyzed


The ever evolving world of Social Media has witnessed quite a few trends, some closely and some from a distance, nonetheless it hasn’t missed a single beat! Our Internet savvy generation today prefers to keep themselves updated about everything in real time and Social Media is just the right platform for them. Apart from individual accounts on the Social Media platforms, it is the brands today that have revolutionized and magnetized this space quite effectively making Social Media Marketing a key aspect for business. One of the most popular medium that enjoys quite a repute with brands today is undoubtedly, ... Read More »

Analyzing Twitter Activity with Twitonomy


Twitter is a favorite with brands. It is almost always a complimentary companion when it\’s not one’s primary social media Weapon of Mass Communication (WMD…err C). After all, you want to remind people on Twitter that you have posted something on Facebook or LinkedIn or Youtube or Pinterest and they should go check it out. Yet, strangely enough, Twitter’s analytics front has been rather fuzzy. Until recently, Twitter did not have analytics metrics of its own. At least, not a much publicized one. The others have only done a half-baked job of it so far. While, the brands have been ... Read More »

How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions: Statistics and Trends


I realize that preaching about the importance of social media to businesses is pretty redundant. By now, buy-in to social media marketing is near ubiquitous, but I still have found that many companies struggle when quantifying the value they can achieve through the strategic use of social media. I may not have a silver bullet response to help everyone understand the actual quantitative value of social media marketing, but what I do have is incredibly compelling stats to give you a better understanding on how just important social platforms can be to your business. 1. 91% Of People Have Gone ... Read More »

Twitter Celebrates MLK Day! Who Got It Right?


Creating kick ass content has always been top priority for all the social media marketers. That, and selling the stuff they market of course. They miss no opportunity to come up with something fancy for their fans (of course with the intention of brand promotion). Even though their dedication to be able to contribute something to everything possible is ‘remarkable’, some of them kind of missed the mark and landed up being awarded the ‘worst post of the day award’. Holidays and historic anniversaries are like social media land mines for brands – there is proven track record of the ... Read More »

The Cost Of Social Media : No Free Lunches

Two Watercolor Birds Talking

 How many times have you heard that social media is the cheapest form of advertising there is? How many times have you seen companies hire interns fresh from college for social media marketing? That\’s not going to last for long. Social media\’s getting dearer and not in a way we like. This was stimulated in part by Facebook\’s decision to change its news feed algorithm to deliver more news. This was done to boost popular content but discourage marketers from reaching audiences via organic posts. These changes are concerned with the frequency and reach of the communication that Facebook  provides and marketers ... Read More »

Food, the New Kink: Integrating Food into Your Brand


The Food Revolution Did you know that the word \’food\’ is searched over 4 million times on an average in a month? 4 million. Yes those are right and let us not get into the specific keywords, the number goes into many more millions and you realize that one of the things that netizens around the world are obsessed with is food. It is a driving force for life and it won\’t be incorrect to say that it\’s a driving force on the internet too. Appetite for numbers? Research suggests more than 80 million food photos where posted on social media ... Read More »

How A Small Company Like Buffer Mastered the Twitter Game


There is an increasing trend towards using social media management tools that allow marketers to search, track, and analyze conversation on the web about their brand or other topics of interest. This can be useful in PR management and campaign tracking, allowing the user to measure return on investment, competitor-auditing, and general public engagement. Tools range from free, basic applications to subscription-based, more in-depth tools. There are thousands of articles already there talking about Buffer features, but this article serves a different purpose. This article is not about all the features and all about how Buffer works but rather how ... Read More »

Social Media Resolutions for Twitter in 2014


 For most of us “Keeping up with the New Year Resolution” is similar to watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (at least for some, if not all). There is an initial excitement around it nevertheless it fades away with time. With the advent of New Year, we wonder what your resolution with the little birdie is. Twitter, in case that wasn\’t clear enough. As an online community manager you would have witnessed the changes and trends across Social Media platforms especially, Twitter. Twitter has come of age and in all practicality become the new best friend for individual users, brands, ... Read More »

The Golden Globes – Center Stage on Twitter

Tom Hanks

The 71st Golden Globe Awards showcased how twitter\’s taken over Hollywood. A night to remember, it was made even more special by outstanding coverage on Twitter with celebrities chirping away to glory and #GoldenGlobes trending. #GoldenGlobes saw an average of 3600 tweets per hour. It ranked in the top 10% of popular hashtags of all time with more than 28 million impressions. In total, Twitter saw 1.6 million tweets out of which 60.7% were retweets, with 436 pictures and links!   The timeline of tweeting showed that the maximum number of tweets happened after 12 p.m. and up to 3 a.m. immediately ... Read More »

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