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How Dunkin\’ Donuts Succeeds on Twitter

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The very first point  on how Dunkin’ Donuts succeeds on Twitter to get out of the way is that they sell delicious donuts. That is always a big #WIN for me. Beyond their product, Dunkin’ Donuts have met a level of success on Twitter that others would surely like to have for their own. Excellent Corporate Branding Dunkin’ Donuts has a great look that you see as soon as you log onto their account. They have their logo bright and in your face, and their header image is simply… mouth-watering. Look at the featured image again – this is a ... Read More »

A Guide to ManageFlitter for Social Marketers


Analytics plays a major role and is the key to success of any Social Media campaign. It not only helps a brand access its campaign strategy better but also gives valuable inputs on interactions by its followers. If you have been handling Twitter for your clients, chances are that at some point of time you would have experienced a flat graph with little or no activity on the follower front. What could have been the reason? Was it low quality followers or fake followers or both? Fake profiles and inactive users (bots, in technical language) are usually program run profiles ... Read More »

The Top 100 Brands on Twitter Analyzed


The ever evolving world of Social Media has witnessed quite a few trends, some closely and some from a distance, nonetheless it hasn’t missed a single beat! Our Internet savvy generation today prefers to keep themselves updated about everything in real time and Social Media is just the right platform for them. Apart from individual accounts on the Social Media platforms, it is the brands today that have revolutionized and magnetized this space quite effectively making Social Media Marketing a key aspect for business. One of the most popular medium that enjoys quite a repute with brands today is undoubtedly, ... Read More »

Social Media Resolutions for Twitter in 2014


 For most of us “Keeping up with the New Year Resolution” is similar to watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (at least for some, if not all). There is an initial excitement around it nevertheless it fades away with time. With the advent of New Year, we wonder what your resolution with the little birdie is. Twitter, in case that wasn\’t clear enough. As an online community manager you would have witnessed the changes and trends across Social Media platforms especially, Twitter. Twitter has come of age and in all practicality become the new best friend for individual users, brands, ... Read More »

Adidas Has Mastered the Art of Live Tweeting

adidasuk tweet about f50 shoe product

Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in social media marketing. Some of the most creative campaigns are twitter campaigns. It is quite interesting to see how brands have adapted to twitter to generate brand awareness and online buzz about their products or services. One of the most interesting twitter strategy has been followed by @AdidasUK, which appears to have mastered the art of Live tweeting. @AdidasUK tweets about Live football events, as they unfold on the field. If a player scores a goal wearing an Adidas shoe or product, then it turns into an instant tweet with a ... Read More »

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