Four Foolproof Newsletter Tools for Marketers

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When we speak of newsletters, we know that they are going to provide us with some really interesting information on the topic of our interests. As a content marketer, to create an effective e-newsletter is of prime importance for us. The initial days of publication and sending leaflets are outdated with everything available on the web. I\’ve gathered four amazing web based newsletter tools that can come to your rescue in the plight of creating and effectively placing your personalized newsletters. 1. Mailigen Mailigen claims that they are on a mission to make marketing software easy to use. Their drag and drop email ... Read More »

Tools For Marketers To Improve Productivity And Creativity

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There are so many aspects to being a social and digital professional. We often analyze campaign results but how does it all get done in the first place? The answer – tools. Use them to share new ideas, create plans with your team or organize the structure of your campaign – there are endless tools for marketers to increase your productivity and effectiveness. Jira Most software developers or IT agile scrums will have a love for Jira for social and digital marketing campaigns. Jira works perfectly for those who operate in an agile way. The interface (albeit a little backdated) allows you ... Read More »

Bottlenose: A Streamlined Social Dashboard


Website : About: Bottlenose is a trend intelligence application, or a social app/dashboard that allows its users to create business intelligence out of the clutter of social noise in Twitter, Facebook and so on. Simply put, it creates a streamlined access for its users to read only what is relevant to them and avoid all the other clutter. Works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, to name a few! Price: Free In the current social world, there is data everywhere and for a person who needs to analyze them, without the help of an effective \’sorting\’ tool, it can ... Read More »

Mavenlink – The Online Project Management Tool


Website: About: Mavenlink is an online project management software that provides its users access to a streamlined workflow and support that helps them increase productivity. With a set of well established features for collaboration, file sharing, project management and team management, Mavenlink ensures that that its users not just manage projects effectively but also ensure timely and effective business management solutions. With its aim to be one of the most prime online workplace for companies while they engage in businesses with each other, Mavenlink creates an atmosphere that enables effective work environments with timely deliverance. Pricing Model: After a free trial that ... Read More »

4 Content Marketing Tools To Save Your Life


The latest buzz word on the Social Media runway is “Content”, something that would put other aspects of this business to shame. A life without actionable content marketing tools is therefore baffling. With numerous options available today, picking up the best is a task and in our quest to provide you all with the very best, we are sharing with you all our chosen four. Percolate This tool is God sent, and quite literally too! If you are responsible for content marketing at your company or  agency, Percolate would pass as your new BFF. Key Features: Say Goodbye to spreadsheets and ... Read More »

Kapost: An End to End Solution to Your Content Marketing Woes

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Company: Kapost Website: About: Kapost is a content marketing tool that helps brands grow revenue with their content. Kapost simplifies, the creation, distribution and analysis of content on a single platform giving content marketers an edge with their marketing efforts. Usage: Kapost allows marketing teams of all sizes to easily collaborate, manage and organize their content, marketing assets and campaigns in an efficient environment. Highlight: Kapost helps brands and businesses understand and learn what type of content best fits their needs through content score. The Content Scoring technology allows marketers to move prospects easily through the marketing funnel leading ... Read More »

Topsy: A Twitter Search and Analytics Tool


With billions of tweets being posted on Twitter every hour, a free twitter search tool is definitely very handy. Introducing Topsy, which unlike the usual Twitter Search, is a tool that allows marketers to search for tweets from the date of inception of Twitter all the way back from 2007. Topsy allows marketers to track their brand on twitter, analyze how content is being shared (whether through links, photos, videos, or plain text), who are the active participants in the tweets, the key influencers and the sentiments over the brand over time. “How do you make sense of 400 billion pieces of ... Read More »

Which Is The Best Graphic Design Web App?

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If you don’t have nearly $50 a month or $600 a year to spend on professional products Adobe produces, there are literally hundreds of graphic design web apps available out there for you to use. But which one? I took at look 3 of the most commonly used graphic design web app – PicMonkey, Canva and Sprites. A time limit of five minutes was used for each app because that’s all you’ll have time for when the boss rushes in and says \”Give me a blog post with a creative image\”. These three apps are rated according to these factors: Ease of use Functionality Usability ... Read More »

ReadingPack: Read, Share and Socialize


Website: ReadingPack App Download Link: Google Appstore About: ReadingPack provides you with a streamlined access to discover, save and share articles of your interest, from anywhere within the web. ReadingPack provides you with a reading list based on your interest that can be shared with friends and followers. Imagine a Pinterest like tool – but made primarily for articles! Cost of Application: Free! Lets\’s say you laid hands upon a really interesting article but don\’t have the time to read it just then! More so, you would like to share it with a friend and also know what they have been reading. Do all that ... Read More »

Brightpod: A Project Management Tool


Website: Purpose:  A project Management tool that allows users to create, delegate and communicate tasks within teams. Pricing : Price ranges from $19 to $129. A 2 week trial is available as well. A lot of hard work goes into the conceptualizing, programming, delegation, execution and follow up of any project or campaign. Until now, there were never really any technological help that could assist a team. But yes, only until now! Brightpod by Synage Software, helps you plan, collaborate and delegate all your digital marketing and creative projects on the browser. Brightpod\’s consumer friendly dashboard helps you effectively create pods, or projects, using a ... Read More »

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