12mass: A Tool For Efficient Customer Engagement

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Company: 12mass

Website:  www.12mass.com

About: 12mass is a social media tool that uses Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) search engine and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clustering tools to assimilate similar status updates around a business.

Usage: The tool can be used to track conversations on the two biggest social platforms – Twitter and Facebook. It also offers response suggestions based on real time analytics on the same to help you measure engagement levels on your social profiles.

Highlight: The A/B testing feature of this tool provides solid numbers after analyzing your social profiles, which is essential for analysis and optimization making it one of the most effective A/ B testing social media tools.

Focus On Customer Relationships

Businesses, big or small, often make the mistake of only offering their services to their audience instead of trying to build long term relations with them. We have time and again emphasized on the fact that if you don\’t reach out to your customers, you\’re not only going to lose your existing list but also a lot of prospects.


Hana goes on to share, \”According to Lithium studies, customers have high expectations for a quick response: 53 percent who expect a brand to respond to their Tweet demand that response comes in less than an hour, according to the Lithium-commissioned study by Millward Brown Digital. That figure skyrockets to 72 percent when they have complaints.

When companies don’t meet these lofty response expectations, 38 percent feel more negative about the brand and a full 60 percent will take unpleasant actions to express their dissatisfaction.\”

Are You Losing Customers?

Spend some time coming up with a few reasons why your customers may have left you. Here are some that we hear of the most:

  • They had complaints that remained unresolved.
  • They felt their suggestions were not being taken into consideration.

And the one that is taking you down..

  • They felt you did not \’care\’ about them.

How do you ensure this doesn\’t happen? Start talking to them! And here\’s where 12mass comes in.

What Does 12mass Do?

\”Brands that join the conversations and respond are relying on a large army of community managers and cross-platform social dashboards like HootSuite, Sprout Social and TweetDeck among others. However, these platforms only allow one-on-one interaction, which is simply not scalable. There is no way a brand can catch up with the influx of mentions this way\”, says Hana.


Key Features Of 12mass

\”Brands can now group similar mentions and status updates and attend to them more efficiently with prepared responses of that specific group. Over time, engagement of each response is tracked and brands are able to know which one of them has higher CTR, mention-back rate or retweets rate\”, says Hana.

1. Ongoing A/ B Testing


This one is for those who love using analytics and A/ B testing to gauge the success of their social media strategies. This features uses the same A/ B testing process used while optimizing websites, running email campaigns and advertising letting you:

  • Measure the engagement on your social profiles from time to time.
  • Gain more satisfied customers.
  • Increase engagement by tracking conversations around you.

2. Suggested Responses


This feature lets you save your response to tweets/ posts as a draft and based on what responses you have sent out in the past, and their click through rates, it suggests the most engaging responses for the new interactive tweets/posts.

The feature lets you avoid having to use automation, be efficient and add a personal touch to your responses; making your fan page more relatable.

3. Dialog Decision Tree


This feature lets you build a dynamic decision tree based on the past conversations you\’ve had with your audience on your social profiles, using Natural Language Processing (NLP), clustering tools and engagement tracking.

This is the best to optimize conversations with customers.

4. Smarter Search


This feature not only lets you search for keywords around your business, but also people, mentions, Facebook comments and posts that are related to you. These can be filtered as per your preference of analyzing and tracking engagement – location, language, number of followers, images influential score, etc.

This search parameter takes into consideration real time activity so that you don\’t miss out on any conversation.

5. Track Your Progress


This feature offers an easy to understand dashboard full of statistics that let you track the engagement level and click through rates on each of the tweets/ posts on your social profiles. This data is can be saved for later use to help you create a better strategy.

Why Should Marketers Use 12mass?

If the features haven\’t convinced you, here\’s why Hana thinks you should give 12mass a chance; \”Long gone is the battle for the number of likes and followers on social media accounts. Engagement is far more valuable than those numbers as it’s tied closely to ROI. Customers who are engaged on social media are more loyal to your brand and more likely to have it top-of-mind as compared to your less active counterpart. 12mass is a powerful tool to scale up conversations when you as one community manager can reach hundreds of people every day. What’s better? You can be sure that your responses are working! It is estimated to save you at least 2 hours every day responding to tweets.\”

Get A Free Trial

All you need to do to start with their free trial is, choose a social profile you\’d like to link it with, authorize the application to access the required information and enter your email id.

Here\’s a short video by 12mass to help you get the most out of this tool:

Have you given 12mass a shot? If not, we suggest you do!

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  1. Thanks guys for the feature. Feel free to ping me at hana@12mass.com should you have any questions/interested in trying out our free trial :)

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