Kapost: An End to End Solution to Your Content Marketing Woes

Kapost: An End to End Solution to Your Content Marketing Woes

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Company: Kapost

Website: http://kapost.com/

About: Kapost is a content marketing tool that helps brands grow revenue with their content. Kapost simplifies, the creation, distribution and analysis of content on a single platform giving content marketers an edge with their marketing efforts.

Usage: Kapost allows marketing teams of all sizes to easily collaborate, manage and organize their content, marketing assets and campaigns in an efficient environment.

Highlight: Kapost helps brands and businesses understand and learn what type of content best fits their needs through content score. The Content Scoring technology allows marketers to move prospects easily through the marketing funnel leading to increased sales and revenue.


How does your content fare?

Lead scoring and lead nurturing are two of the words that are being thrown around a lot these days in the content marketing circles. Lead scoring allows you to determine if you are targeting prospects that are genuinely interested in your products. Lead nurturing on the other hand gives marketers with a systematic approach to follow up with leads and nurture them all the while moving them further down in the marketing funnel and leading to a successful conversion eventually. However, content plays a major role here. As a marketer, you will need to evaluate your content too and provide your leads with the right kind of content at the right time for marketing success. Kapost is a tool that tries to fill this gap quite impressively through their Content Scoring technology.

To shed some more light into Kapost, we managed to have a brief chat with Stanton Champion, Director of Product Marketing at Kapost and here is what he had to say.

On Content Scoring and the future of content marketing:

With Content Scoring, a marketer can quickly tell which pieces of content help move prospects down a buying funnel. With this information, marketers can ultimately nurture their prospects with the right content at the right time, progressively improving their prospects’ lead scores, encouraging more sales conversations, and ultimately driving more revenue. Prior to content scoring, marketers had to rely on what we call “vanity metrics” which show how much a piece of content was consumed. But this did not tell the marketer how valuable that content was in driving results, including revenue. With content scoring, marketers now have a tool that tells them the real business results of every piece of content at every stage of the buying funnel, helping them make the best decisions possible about nurturing prospects and driving revenue.

-Stanton Champion, Director of Product Marketing

Content scoring is something that is sure to help marketers a lot in the days to come especially with the rise in popularity of new strategies and tools that focus towards lead nurturing as well as lead scoring.

How can Kapost help a modern brand?

Making sure that the right form of content reaches your prospects at the right time is the most crucial aspect of content marketing as a vast majority of the modern buying cycles take place online. Many of the prospective customers prefer to conduct extensive online research before reaching out to the brand. As a result, marketers need to place sufficient information for the prospective customers in a ways the customers can easily find. This content also needs to be highly relevant as well as engaging and this is one of the areas where most brands fail. When asked how Kapost can help with this situation, Stanton responded saying

We believe that content is critical to modern businesses and that it’s the most effective way to reach customers in the always on internet and social media worlds. Kapost solves this problem by helping companies build a content operation – a repeatable and scalable process that makes it possible to create a steady stream of content that drives results. We do this with a combination of a content marketing platform that enables companies to adopt the right best practices to create their content, including providing team alignment, accountability, and insights into success. We also do this with our expert services offering, making it easy for companies to see results from content, even if they’re just starting out. Lastly, our partner ecosystem helps companies find the right tools and platforms to create the highest quality content possible, even if they lack the resources internally.

-Stanton Champion, Director of Product Marketing

What to expect from Kapost in the days to come?

While Kapost certainly seems to have some really powerful features, there certainly is some scope for innovation. Also, we had a lot of fun trying out their platform that we couldn\’t resist but ask Stanton if they were planning on reinforcing Kapost with more features and he was kind enough to let us peak under the hood for a bit.

Our content scoring algorithm is just the start, and we intend to improve it further to give marketers even better information about which pieces of content drive business results.

-Stanton Champion, Director of Product Marketing

Stanton also went on to say that Kapost was keen on developing three additional features to Kapost\’s existing environment. Stanton said that they are currently working on growing the partner ecosystem that already includes several content creation partners such as Scripted, Ebyline, Getty, Smartshoot and many others.

Providing quality content to internal stakeholders is another area that has been nagging content marketers for a very long time and according to Stanton, Kapost might just come up with a solution soon. Finally Stanton also revealed that auditing existing content is something that is quite hard for brands and businesses to undertake and that Kapost has plans to roll our features that could simplify this process in the near future.

Key features of Kapost

1. Editorial Calendar


Kapost provides one of the most advanced editorial calendars with features that are sure to help boost your productivity as a content marketing team. There are plenty of predefined filters and options to include custom filters giving you an unlimited number of ways to organize your content in the editorial calendar. You can filter the calendar by region, author, campaign, buying stage, buyer persona and a host of other filters.

2. Analytics


Kapost measures and analyzes different types of metrics including production analytics, engagement analytics, performance analytics, content scores and alows you to generate customized reports as per your needs. These key metrics could help you make sure that your entire team is working towards a unified goal.

3. Easy Communication


Content marketing efforts usually require a massive team and this could easily lead to massive confusions within the team. To simplify this, Kapost has a powerful dashboard to manage your team. In addition to this, you could also assign tasks and converse with other members of your team with a simple @Mention like Twitter.

4. Editing and duplication


Kapost makes editing content a breeze on it\’s platform. The platform supports innovative features such as collaborative editing much like Google Docs. In fact, if you prefer Google Docs, you can edit all of your content at Google Docs and Kapost will keep a copy of all the revisions so you can conveniently choose the best of the lot for the final version.


Kapost also has an additional feature to duplicate content. The ability to duplicate content can help those who manage international content marketing efforts greatly. For example, if you need a particular blog post translated to different languages, you need not have to rewrite the whole copy several times. Instead, you can simply duplicate the initial copy and translate into as many languages as you like and reduce all the additional work.


While we are very much satisfied with what Kapost has to offer, there are a handful of competitors but only 2 of them come close to Kapost. One of them being Compendium and the other being CoSchedule.

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