Konnect Social – A Cost Effective Alternative to Radian6

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Social Media trends are changing globally at a very abrupt rate. The power of Social Media is getting recognised not only from a communication perspective but also from an engagement and business opportunity by many brands. Having said the same, this aspect of marketing and branding is quite futile without proper monitoring, analytics and reporting. With no dearth of evaluation tools available today the choice for the best becomes a major task for brands and agencies alike.

The big question here is how much would a brand/agency invest in these specialised tools. According to a latest research it is quite evident that only 31.2% brands today are interested in PAID analytics! This may sound shocking too many however it is the ground reality. An interesting edge to this aspect is seen when brands understand the importance of a PAID channel however have budget constraints. What happens then? We discovered one such tool for our readers however could not miss the similarities with Radian6.

Both the tools have loads of common features however it would be inappropriate to compare the giant tool with an upcoming one. The key feature that makes a lot of difference here for many brands is  ‘budget’ . Meet Konnect Social an online reputation, social media management, monitoring and analytics tool all under one roof.

“We all know the importance of Social Media Monitoring and ORM tools. There are loads of conversations happening about brands / products / personalities; on online forums, blogs, mainstream news and social media. These conversations have impact, they influence decisions. The thought process behind developing Konnect Social was to create a powerful and an Easy-To-Use tool that will give a complete picture and help make sense of all these conversations. Top priority was to create ‘one-tool’ for all ORM and social media needs”, says Sameer Narkar – Founder Konnect Social.

The tool has a clean interface and provides information on two parameters broadly classified under two separate tabs as Analytics and Monitor.

Analytics Tab:

The analytics tab provides in-depth page analysis that includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also provides a comparative analysis platform for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Four Square, brands can utilise this aspect for an effective ‘listening’ and understand their competition better.

Konnect Konnect Social Dashboard

We tested the analytics segment for the automobile segment in India and had a crisp data being reflected across various levels. On Twitter the dashboard provided data on total follower, total engagement on twitter, mentions over time, influencer mention, most engaged users, replies, interface used and tweets over time data. For Facebook it provided data on total engagement, engagement over time and total fans. The tool displayed total subscribers, most rated videos and rating per video data for Youtube.

The dashboard also reflected data on word cloud for the chosen brand, top website traffic source and brand sentiment. The sentiment analysis is very accurate “because there is a provision of setting user defined rules in the system in addition to NLP (Natural language processing) to identify and extract subjective information in source materials”

Comparitive Comparitive Analysis of top Auto brands by Konnect Social

In Sameer’s words “The feedback that we received from the agencies was although they get numbers from other tools they can\’t really figure out “So what” & “What next”. Konnect Social has addressed that problem by simplifying the tasks for the brands and agencies. The best part post analysis is that the analytics reports can be downloaded in excel and word file and they come with automated conclusions and not just bar and pie chart, thereby saving a lot of time. These reports are customised and white-labelled as well!

Konnect Social does not depend on third party data providers; instead they have their own “crawlers” that help them to be a lot faster especially when it comes to ORM (Online Reputation Management).

Monitor Tab:

The tool displays relevant conversations about your brand under its Monitor segment. The data can be further filtered basis region and website.

Track Track relevant conversation by the Monitor Tab

 In 2014 Konnect Social plans to have three major changes this includes creating dynamic infographics. As a user you have to simply select a template and boom! Konnect Social plans to make few improvements to their ‘news by publication’ report as well. This was earlier restricted to a few countries however it would have a global edge this year. In the Social Media analytics module they plan to introduce “KonnectSocial recommends\” tab which would compliment there automated conclusion.

Experience 20/Twenty, the world’s most intuitive and comprehensive social listening platform. From analyzing trends to sentiments, news and share of voice, 20/Twenty goes beyond just monitoring and helps gives your brand the best information to make informed decisions.

  • Crisis Management and Mitigation
  • Competitor Tracking and Intelligence
  • Influencer Discovery and KOL Tracking
  • Powerful Audience Insights
  • Real-Time Alerts and Automated Reports
  • Trend Spotting and Predictive AI
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