Nexalogy Environics: Analyze Conversations On Social Media

Nexalogy Environics: Analyze Conversations On Social Media

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Company:  Nexalogy Environics


About: Making sense of all the online conversations becomes a huge task especially when the business is huge and the volume of conversations high. Nexalogy analyzes these conversations in a very unique way.

Usage: From analyzing a personal account to an enterprise, Nexalogy has 3 different solutions – NexaMe, NexaLive and NexaMaster. These are all aimed at different tiers of users who wish to gain a range of analytics from their social media profiles.

Why Should You Use Nexalogy Environics?

Nexalogy Environics helps individuals and companies to keep a tab and understand the big data on their social profiles. Social medias analysis, research and monitoring can be used to guide your business in different strategic areas: customer relations, brand comparisons, community outreach, online and offline marketing strategy, community awareness, issue tracking, crisis monitoring, and thought leadership strategy to name a few.

While we were testing out the tool for our users we got in touch with Naomi Goldapple, Vice-President of Nexalogy Environics who shared with us what sets this tool apart from it’s competitors:


Analytical Metrics

The conversation on these social platforms may range from unwanted banter to important trends. As a brand it is crucial to understand the ‘important’ conversations and Nexalogy helps nail this by a simple but effective method of ‘visualization’ as seen it’s Interest Map. Any other form of unstructured data that is un-related to social media can also be analyzed using the tool. All data is evaluated according to these metrics:


3 Products By Nexalogy Environics

1. NexaMe

NexaMe is a free tool that allows heavy twitter users (especially bloggers) and community managers to explore and understand their own community. It also assists you to quickly make sense of a huge amount of tweets in your timeline. You can also intuitively see the connections in community and easily identify the influencers and even receive follower recommendations. NexaMe also helps to see the top concepts, hashtags and links in accordance with their online community.

Interest Map

  • Links top 60 ideas being discussed in your timeline through nodes
  • Further classified as ‘Obvious’, ‘Potential’ and ‘Long Shot’ each symbolizing the importance of that idea to you
  • Links to the nodes shows how that idea is connected and also lets the user read the specific tweet to that conversation


Key Features of NexaMe:

  • Provides a breakup of ‘top concepts’ and ‘top hashtags’ through a pie graph. On clicking the graph /list users can view those tweets.
  • A ‘Timeline’ graph which shows the timeline activity (last 800 tweets). Tweets can be from a particular time or date, which can be handy when community managers wants to narrow down what worked for their campaigns and analyze a specific time frame.
  • Lists suggested connections, most engaged followers, most active followers and most retweeted followers thereby consolidating the influencers for you or your brand.

HootSuite Plugins

For a lot of users who live by HootSuite, NexaMe offers the same features through an app which is available through HootSuite App Directory and comes with no cost attached.


In the HootSuite plugin, NexaMe is paired with Nexalogy search, a tool that works in the same way as NexaMe but analyzes a specific hashtag instead. These two plugins  pulls out fresh data each time it is refreshed, ideally helping managers be on top of their data.

2. NexaLive

Available at price of $40/month NexaLive allows you to quickly and efficiently set up brand or issues dashboards. NexaLive is a turnkey micro site solution that would assist you in case when you want to capture and analyze the activity on a twitter hashtag, by visualizing your tweets on an interest graph. NexaLive would make a lot of sense to community mangers if they are looking at:

  • Increase in audience engagement
  • Gain insights
  • Boost  SEO juice

Community managers can use it for any online or offline event that has a footprint on twitter like a conference, product launch or any campaign that needs to make a splash!

3. NexaMaster


NexaMaster is a social data analysis platform that allows users to quickly \’Get Data\’, \’Sculpt Data\’ and \’Share Data\’ and is currently available on a subscription basis. Marketed as an enterprise tool, business intelligence professionals and social data scientists can either use their own data or buy data through Nexalogy Environics and pay as per the utility.

Key Features of NexaMaster:

  • NexaMaster is available on a subscription basis where you can analyze social data of all kinds from blogs to social media profiles and other private data
  • Easily accessed through your web browser
  • Packaged to suit all levels of users
  • Choice of using your own data or buy data but only pay for only the data you use

Fun fact: Nexalogy was actually the result of Claude Theoret, an astrophysicist who related his analysis of stars using gamma rays and incorporated his algorithms to social data!

It is closely pitched alongside Radian6 and Sysomos however each with their own set of characteristic differences. With the thought of being the next Twilio of Social data analytics, Nexalogy Environics aims at providing its users the best in social data apps, dashboards, websites based with their patented technology.

If you are a satisfied user, share your experiences about this incredible tool!

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