Find Influencers for Your Brand with Keyhole


Company: Keyhole Website: About: Keyhole is a real time social conversation tracker for some of the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Usage: This tool can be used by marketers to create effective content marketing strategies as it lets them focus on relevant keywords as well as stories trending in their audience\’s circles to keep up with their interests. Highlight: Keyhole offers a feature that gives you insights on what your brand\’s target audience is talking about, what you need to talk about on your social profiles and which keyword is the most effective at ... Read More »

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Feedback Form


Everyone has a feedback form on their website, but not a lot of them put enough thought behind one. Most of the feedback forms that I see on websites and Facebook pages tend to have very similar characteristics. Enter your name, e-mail address, message and also solve this CAPTCHA created by Satan himself. So how do you create the perfect feedback form? Or at least a really good one. It\’s an important factor of your website to pay attention to, given that this is where you\’ll be generating sales leads, answering questions, getting feedback, growing your network, getting requests, it\’s ... Read More »

Iconosquare: Develop Your Instagram Strategy

iconosquare - formerly statigram - logo

Company: Iconosquare Website: About: Formerly known as Statigram, Iconosquare is a popular social media tool to help marketers analyse their Instagram accounts to create more effective marketing strategies. Usage: Iconosquare is widely used as an Instagram viewer and for social analytics. Highlight: The company has some really nifty tools for creating contests and making brand community management easy. A little while back, we shared with you the news how Instagram\’s growth over the last few months has been more than phenomenal. The platform hit 200 million active users and the infographic we created gives you the statistics you need ... Read More »

User Personas: Enhance Your Digital And Social Content


Developing user personas for your website will help you design a website or social campaign that resonates with visitors, encourages content sharing and makes content useful for your target audience. User personas are essentially fictitious characters that represent the various different types of people that visit your website. These representations should be based on qualitative and some quantitative user research and web analytics Benefits Of Personas Personas help to focus decisions surrounding site components by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation. They make it easier to prioritize features and particular content by determining what the most important goal of your site ... Read More »

12mass: A Tool For Efficient Customer Engagement


Company: 12mass Website: About: 12mass is a social media tool that uses Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) search engine and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and clustering tools to assimilate similar status updates around a business. Usage: The tool can be used to track conversations on the two biggest social platforms – Twitter and Facebook. It also offers response suggestions based on real time analytics on the same to help you measure engagement levels on your social profiles. Highlight: The A/B testing feature of this tool provides solid numbers after analyzing your social profiles, which is essential for analysis and ... Read More »

5 Unusual Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs


It\’s incredibly hard to get hardcore data around the number of entrepreneurs in the world, but at the beginning of 2012 – the number was pegged to be around the 400 million mark. Two years later, I\’m positive that that number has dramatically increased. With hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs around the world kickstarting their business and trying to get things moving for them, digital media has become the number one source for them to execute their marketing campaigns on. It\’s cheaper, it\’s faster, it\’s easier and it\’s measurable. For entrepreneurs looking to save time and money on the products ... Read More » A Tool To Increase Audience Engagement


Company: Website: About: is the first mobile web application that enables everyone to create and share mobile web applications from their smartphones. These applications are distributed as short URLs are are easy to share via text messages, email or on social networks. It is optimized for iOS 6+ and Android 4.1+ . Usage: This tool can be used by the marketers to create quick and interesting apps around their products and services to engage their audience better. For example, letting them create a customized product from the range you already offer. Highlight: The tool has a user ... Read More »

5 Effective Tools For Community Managers


What Does A Community Manager Do? In an agency, as we all know, there is a client servicing team (always coordinating, and almost always on phone calls), a creative team (busy thinkers of ideas), designers (carefree and yet sometimes overworked), and then there is the social media team. Usually, the most over-worked and with almost-constant stress on their face as the community managers. It’s not easy to do community management. This job requires a combination of skills such as: Identifying amazing content that would work the best for your social communities Making sure that you meet all the brand guidelines ... Read More »

Nexalogy Environics: Analyze Conversations On Social Media


Company:  Nexalogy Environics Website: About: Making sense of all the online conversations becomes a huge task especially when the business is huge and the volume of conversations high. Nexalogy analyzes these conversations in a very unique way. Usage: From analyzing a personal account to an enterprise, Nexalogy has 3 different solutions – NexaMe, NexaLive and NexaMaster. These are all aimed at different tiers of users who wish to gain a range of analytics from their social media profiles. Why Should You Use Nexalogy Environics? Nexalogy Environics helps individuals and companies to keep a tab and understand the big data on their social ... Read More »

Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles


WEBSITE: About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you – be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page. Users: From social media marketers to social bloggers, managers to researchers, smaller businesses, agencies or enterprises – there are no restrictions attached to the users of Leaf. Cost of Application: While you need to subscribe to Leaf to get an invitation for usage, Leaf is a still free tool. Yay! Twitter Profile Analysis Leaf by Anctu is one of its ... Read More »

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