Learning From Your Competitors\’ Social Media Profiles

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Marketing your business well in the digital world that dons different trends every other day can be really tough. Not being able to match up might make you lose a few points in the eyes of your customers but not keeping a tab on what your competition is up to is certainly going to make you lose more than just points – your sales. In this age where social media has become the most important part of a business strategy, it is important for you to be aware of what strategies your competitors are executing on social platforms like Facebook ... Read More »

A Community Manager\’s Guide To


The first few adjectives that came to my mind when I was doing my research on Ally Greer by scouring through all her social media platforms (a.k.a stalking her) were feisty, positive and funny. Let’s not forget of course her superb skills at being a community manager for That’s the reason we desperately wanted to squeeze out some secrets about community management from her. Ally currently holds the title of being the first and only community manager for and is based in sunny San Francisco. Over the past two years, she has been able to master the tricks ... Read More »

SocialFlow: A Tool For Real Time Engagement


Company: SocialFlow Inc. Website: About: SocialFlow uses real time data to understand the changing trends amongst your audience and map your content on those platforms where it will get maximum attention. Usage: This social media tool is best suited for businesses that rely a lot on their content marketing strategy. It couples technology with industrial insights to give social media managers an overview on how well their content is reaching out to their audience. Highlight: The tool automates the publishing and buying across social networks based on conversational trends instead of demographic and behavioral filters; which can be applied ... Read More »

The Most Effective Way to Read Articles Later with Pocket


So you have just come across this article but you\’re running late for a meeting. What should you do? Well, save it for later in your Pocket. Confused? Let me introduce to you yet another creation of social media which is known to be obsessed with making things easy for its users:  the Pocket app. Formerly known as literally – \’Read It Later\’, Pocket allows its users to save any link, video, photo into a convenient format to be viewed later. The Pocket App Website: What it really is: A \’read it later\’ app that allows you to save web ... Read More »

A User\’s Guide to Keeping Track of Facebook Page Updates


The entire realm of social media marketing has been buzzing about the significant drop in organic Facebook post views. The social media giant rolled out a new algorithm late last year, which has resulted in a significant decrease in post views for many Facebook pages. We’ve touched on this issue before here and since then, the numbers have continued to dwindle. The competitiveness of what goes into a user’s newsfeed is partially to blame with the continual bombardment of content from every direction. Thus the number and type of posts seen on one’s newsfeed would have to be tapered down. ... Read More »

An Introduction to the Ultimate Social Media Tool – Sprout Social


A lot of social media tools have been invented and a significant amount of them faded away quickly; be it due to their limited functionalities or their similarity to another in the market, there wasn’t possibly any way they could have survived in this ever changing world of social. But there was one tool that stood out then and continues to pioneer the field of social media tools – Sprout Social. We love Sprout Social. Here\’s why. Sprout Social is to date, the biggest name when it comes to social media tools and it doesn’t come across as a surprise ... Read More »

Everything on Social Media On Just One Page with Tagboard

Follow that Hashtag!

In case you haven\’t noticed already, we love the idea of running contests, and we think that amazing campaigns are the way to go forward in social. It\’s not enough for you create a cool video, it\’s not enough for you to create a nice infographic or a good piece of content. You must drive conversation. You must get people talking about your product. And one way to do that of course is to create a campaign, a contest, something that runs across networks. Heck, even if you don\’t do that – how do you know what people are saying ... Read More »

Konnect Social – A Cost Effective Alternative to Radian6


Social Media trends are changing globally at a very abrupt rate. The power of Social Media is getting recognised not only from a communication perspective but also from an engagement and business opportunity by many brands. Having said the same, this aspect of marketing and branding is quite futile without proper monitoring, analytics and reporting. With no dearth of evaluation tools available today the choice for the best becomes a major task for brands and agencies alike. The big question here is how much would a brand/agency invest in these specialised tools. According to a latest research it is quite ... Read More »

SocialBro – The Best ‘Bro’ for Twitter Management


Right from its inception in 2006, Twitter has been a constant platform for unique engagement across the world. Due to lack of its native analytics tool, Twitter analytics were dependent on third party applications/services and till date the native tool does not provide the very best, hence more and more brands across the globe have been collaborating with tools to measure, quantify and analyse Twitter dynamics. We at Beta21 have been sharing details about noteworthy tools to simplify Twitter engagement for some time now and during one such research we came across SocialBro- a web based application. The company was ... Read More »

Thanks to Listly, You Don\’t Need to Suck Up to Influencers Any More


Reaching out to the influencers in your field can not only be tiresome, but troublesome as well. The research it takes to find one influencer with maximum followers can be hectic and the process after that doesn’t get any easier. They sometimes don’t respond to the dozen of mails you send to them requesting a mention of your brand ‘once’ to their following. In the rare cases where they do respond, it is a known fact that it doesn’t guarantee you long term success, just some short term attention that may or may not up your market value. So what ... Read More »

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