10 Twitter Tips For Community Managers

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Skeptics have been predicting the decline of Twitter for a long time now but recent news have just proven otherwise. Twitter users have grown by 16 million in the second quarter, so marketers, hold your horses – don\’t get off the Twitter bandwagon just yet. We\’ve put together a list of 10 Twitter tips for community managers to stay ahead of your Twitter game and here\’s a few that you should pay special attention to: Creating Twitter Lists We can\’t stress this enough – Twitter lists are a great way for marketers to keep abreast of updates related to you industry. ... Read More »

How Dunkin\’ Donuts Succeeds on Twitter

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The very first point  on how Dunkin’ Donuts succeeds on Twitter to get out of the way is that they sell delicious donuts. That is always a big #WIN for me. Beyond their product, Dunkin’ Donuts have met a level of success on Twitter that others would surely like to have for their own. Excellent Corporate Branding Dunkin’ Donuts has a great look that you see as soon as you log onto their account. They have their logo bright and in your face, and their header image is simply… mouth-watering. Look at the featured image again – this is a ... Read More »

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Brand Be On?

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The all encompassing social media has got everyone running at a marathon\’s pace to create a presence on the world wide web. With the online marketing cosmos having players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn to name a few, the dilemma of making the right choice for marketing your product/blog/service is no less complicated than a three year old solving a Rubik\’s Cube. Why Should You Be Present On Social Media? Create a presence on social media to monitor what’s being said about you Incredible tool for deepening connection with customers Yield larger interest among customers through detailed marketing ... Read More »

5 Best Twitter Campaigns From Big Brands


August 2007, and the Twitter account @MrMessina have played an important role in shaping the internet as we know it today. Yes I\’m talking about the very first use of hashtags on the internet. Ever since then, these tiny little markers of the internet have spread like wildfire across almost every single social platform and play a massive role in helping social media marketers to analyze and plan campaigns that go viral and begin trending instantly. After exploring 5 Best Vines and 5 Best Instagram campaigns, we decided to shift our focus on Twitter campaigns. This list explores some of ... Read More »

10 Most Patriotic Twitter Accounts for Independence Day

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Every July 4th is a red, white, and blue party in America, and it brings out some the best content on Twitter accounts across the country. Every Twitter account that is even remotely related to American history or politics has something to say about the holiday, and it can be great fun to have your Twitter account taken over by the best of this content. I’m going to look at the best Twitter accounts to follow for Independence Day, and for American political interest in general. They’ll have a splash of patriotism, some historical significance, and there’d better be some ... Read More »

10 Awesome Twitter GIFs from Brands


Twitter announced the arrival of the GIFs with a GIF of their own last week, and it was like every brand on Earth with a Twitter account had been sitting on a big pile of great GIFs. It was a GIF explosion right from the very beginning, and we\’re loving it. Here are 10 of our favorite Twitter GIFs so far! 1. Twitter Twitter got it started off right with a GIF that both poked fun at the pronunciation of GIF, it has a soft ‘g’ like Gin, and was just ridiculous as so many funny GIFs are: Starting today, you can share ... Read More »

The Problem With Twitter: Marketers Don\’t Get It


Lately, there\’s been a lot of discussion around the fact that there\’s a problem with Twitter. Marketers believe that it\’s undergoing algorithm changes similar to what Facebook has implemented and that soon marketers won\’t enjoy Twitter the way they used to. Another common problem that they feel with Twitter is that it\’s crowded, and it\’s hard to be seen. Strategists aren\’t convinced that Twitter\’s ad platform is robust enough to allow them to get the right ROI or value from it, and on the whole – even though Twitter is a massive platform, it continues to fall behind the \”lure\” ... Read More »

The Only Guide You Will Need For Live Tweeting


The new age grapevine today is unarguably Twitter, making it an exciting platform for marketers. While many brands are burning their pockets with high budget marketing campaigns, for others innovation and fan build up increased simply through ‘meme-jacking’. Yet another compelling marketing tactic that is gaining popularity is ‘Live tweeting’. Not only is it a cost effective way, it also connects your followers and influencers in a never before manner. The best brands in the business today realise this and therefore have been using it successfully to promote an individual event (read Adidas) or product launch, or intelligently plugging in ... Read More »

Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles


WEBSITE: About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you – be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page. Users: From social media marketers to social bloggers, managers to researchers, smaller businesses, agencies or enterprises – there are no restrictions attached to the users of Leaf. Cost of Application: While you need to subscribe to Leaf to get an invitation for usage, Leaf is a still free tool. Yay! Twitter Profile Analysis Leaf by Anctu is one of its ... Read More »

Which Is The Best Social Media Platform For Customer Service?

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Social media is not just a fad amongst teenagers anymore, businesses are using it for marketing purposes and a lot more the world over. It is increasingly being recognized as a platform where customers can raise their concerns (good or bad) related to that business\’s products/ services. \”A lot of people think that Twitter is a fad and you can\’t really use it effectively to talk to customers,\” said Bianca Buckridee, Vice President of Social Media Operations for JP Morgan Chase clearly indicating that there are many businesses out there who haven\’t explored the full potential of even the most popular ... Read More »

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