The Top 100 Brands on Twitter Analyzed

The Top 100 Brands on Twitter Analyzed

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The ever evolving world of Social Media has witnessed quite a few trends, some closely and some from a distance, nonetheless it hasn’t missed a single beat!

Our Internet savvy generation today prefers to keep themselves updated about everything in real time and Social Media is just the right platform for them. Apart from individual accounts on the Social Media platforms, it is the brands today that have revolutionized and magnetized this space quite effectively making Social Media Marketing a key aspect for business.

One of the most popular medium that enjoys quite a repute with brands today is undoubtedly, Twitter. Twitter has not only helped brands to connect and interact with its followers but has also helped as an effective marketing and branding tool as well, thus being able to make a favourable impact on its audience.

Earlier this month we shared with you our take on Twitter Resolutions for 2014. The article summarized the key points to adhere while planning a Twitter campaign. We are in a constant endeavor to share with you the best and latest and while doing so we stumbled upon this research from Simply Measured that has got us hooked ever since.

Now we know that your company has been running successful Social Media campaigns around Twitter, but do you know what goes behind the success of world’s Top 100 companies (the study include Top 100 Interbrand Companies & Top 100 Forbes Companies on Twitter). This valuable data would help you shape your Social Media strategy on Twitter even better. As an online community manager or social media manager there are a few questions that trouble us quite often and we thought a Q&A take on this would be awesome, and a great opportunity to do it right!

Q1) How often should we Tweet?

Answer: Research suggests that most  brands tweet an average of ten per day. This accounts for around 42% of the lot, however this also depends upon the level of engagement that you want as a brand with your followers. The conversation however should not be restricted to product specific tweets; they should include Re-Tweets, Mentions and Favourites involving your brand.


Q2) Some of our Tweets don’t seem to work, what may be changed?

Answer: Begin with a quick review of the kind of tweet that was shared with your audience in the last three months. Categorise the tweets basis maximum number of Retweets and number of favourites it garnered. Apart from excellent content (including hashtags and quotes), tweets with an image are highly engaging. The new feature of ‘Inline Images’ has added positively to this aspect. The inbuilt pic.twitter links work very efficiently, as per the research. Using these factors may benefit the share aspect of the tweet.


Q3) Should we use links in Tweets?
Answer: As a brand, sharing links is an ideal process. It would help you to intensify your brand’s user engagement. The link can direct your users to the concerned website and can act as ‘call for action’. As a brand this step also translates to more sales. According to research, Tweets with one or more links work in best interest of a brand, and have shown to increase brand’s average engagement.


Q4) Our Twitter followers don’t seem to respond. What can be fixed here?
Answer: As a brand, the most important motive should be to gain followers. Higher the number of followers, higher is the brand being talked about. This happens with quality engagement. Being a brand itself would make few to follow you, however what’s important here is, how many of these followers are actually interested in your brand or are just reflecting as plain ‘egg heads’ in your follower list! The same holds true for brands as well. Quality ‘Following’ is as important as gaining ‘Followers’. Most brands make mistake of following too many or too less and a large part of this number of them are following unnecessary individuals or competition brands. If you are a fashion brand it makes more sense to follow a fashion blogger rather than following an individual just because of his/her celebrity status. Initiate a conversation and involve your followers, you would be surprised how this gains momentum and helps built favourable followers for you.
We were not surprised when Simply Measured report stated that most Interbrands today have more than 100k followers!

Q5) How early can I expect my brand to gain momentum on Twitter?
Answer: This one is a tad difficult to answer. Each brand is unique in its composition hence the road map would be very different for each one of them. This graph would help understand this better.

The most important thing to notice here would be that the entire Top 10 brands listed have a different modus-operandi even if they are within the same category. While Starbucks had 1,179 tweets in last three months, Mc Donald’s had around 2,087 tweets. However Starbucks has a higher engagement level than Mc Donald’s! Hence keeping a check on content, conversation and an overall engagement would help you savor success soon.

Here are the key take away from this study

  • Lesser the followers, lower the engagement, look forward to build this space. Average brand followers increase by 20% per quarter. Keep track of this number.
  • 7-10 tweets per day are the best to begin with. The best Interbrand companies tweet an average of 12 tweets a day. Choose the right approach for your brand and let analytics determine the further course of things.
  • Include visuals and link as a part of the tweets, this has shown to increase engagement by 150%

Power out? No problem.

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013

At the end we would just say “Dunking in Dark” does not work with every brand. Create your own “Oreo” moment!

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