Social Media Resolutions for Twitter in 2014

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 For most of us “Keeping up with the New Year Resolution” is similar to watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (at least for some, if not all). There is an initial excitement around it nevertheless it fades away with time. With the advent of New Year, we wonder what your resolution with the little birdie is. Twitter, in case that wasn\’t clear enough.

As an online community manager you would have witnessed the changes and trends across Social Media platforms especially, Twitter. Twitter has come of age and in all practicality become the new best friend for individual users, brands, businesses, celebrities and media alike. It’s quite interesting to notice how brands have been creating buzz around their products through Twitter. Twitter campaigns and Twitter contests have become the sought after marketing technique in today’s time.


Most brands today recognize the reach and impact of Twitter conversation and hence marketing techniques involving Twitter need to be innovative and be able to evoke interest for the user.  Brands earlier worked around specific hashtags to promote, talk about or create trends on Twitter. This strategy helped them target and impact more and more users. Innovation is the key and brands today are experimenting with new ideas on Twitter. One such example is what Starbucks did with its “Tweet-a-Coffee” Campaign. The idea of spontaneous gifting was a hit with the masses.

Media channels use Twitter to quantify the news circulation; celebrities use it to reach out to its fans. Different channels thus have different interests they fulfill through Twitter.

Nokia created a stir with its Thanks #Apple tweet and garnered almost 40,443 retweets!

Thanks, #Apple ;)

— Nokia UK (@nokia_uk) September 10, 2013


The Social Media space is evolving, and Twitter is not behind. It\’s pretty much leading it, in sorts. In 2014, Twitter is bringing about some subtle changes on its platform especially on its mobile interface. A recent tweet unfolded the series of events.

At refreshed, personalize your profile w/ accent color:>web design.

— Twitter (@twitter) January 13, 2014

So what should you resolutions for 2014 on Twitter be?

Tweet and Re-tweet: Twitter is all about real time happenings, and therefore a prompt response is always appreciated. Make a resolution to react and interact with your followers. Brands should aim at reaching out to the users in less than 12hrs more so in case of any grievance. Also Twitter is not just about posting tweets and links about your brand’s products. Emphasis should also be given to interact with users’ which aids in brand building. Make a resolution to tweet effectively, and not for the sake of tweeting. Attempts should also be made to understand your users. Recent reports confirm ‘young adults’ favoring Twitter over Facebook If your brand is one of them use this data to maximize revenue.

Make Videos your Friend: Twitter’s tie-up with Vine has made the platform quite interesting. Apart from the normal tweets, utilise this aspect and introduce videos to say things that cannot be restricted with just 140 characters! Make a resolution to have at least one weekly video shared with your users.

What happens when you combine milk, food coloring and dish soap? #howto #6secondscience

— General Electric (@generalelectric) February 28, 2013

Plan Content, Schedule Tweets: Users today follow brands on multiple Social Media platform, hence repeating the same content is not a great idea. This is possible only when the content is thought through. Working around pre-planned content is the key. The tweet content should be informative and usable and should be in sync with the brand image. Work with TweetDeck, Buffer and Hootsuite and figure out which tweet scheduler works the best for you.

Hashtag Appropriately: Use of hashtags is the key to twitter, however they should be appropriately used. Hashtag the ‘keywords’ that define your brand and are relevant to your brand. #No #One #Likes #A #Tweet #Like #This, so avoid going overboard with it. At the most – 3 hashtags. Stick to 2, just to be safe. Like this:

Life of Pie: PewDiePie\’s Reign Over YouTube: #Marketing #SocialMedia

— Beta21 (@BetaTwentyOne) January 15, 2014


Use Apps and Play Smart: Twitter provides an open environment not only to the users but also to the application development fraternity. Make use of applications such as HootSuite, Topsy, TweetDuck and Twitter Counter to simplify your tasks. It is also a great idea to have multiple Twitter profiles if your brand demands the same. This would help the brand to have a specialised Twitter handle for a specific purpose. Many major companies like Vodafone have done the same. Vodafone not only has country specific handles, but also specific handles for   Customer service, marketing and so forth.

Engage with Influencers: Leverage on the fact that an influencer\’s tweet will be seen 500,000 times and that if you piggyback on it with a reply that\’s smart enough – it might show up right below the tweet when expanded. Better yet – a good enough reply to a tweet might get you mentioned by the influencer.

The year 2014 embarks a new chapter in Social Media, having said that smaller and larger businesses should use this opportunity not only for revenue generation but also reaching out to the audience effectively and Twitter in all its capacity is the ideal solution for this need.

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