7 Of The Best Mobile Web Designs

On average, we spend 3.3 hours on our phone each day. Exact Target released their 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report recently and shared their findings on consumer’s mobile usage patterns. While it is a known fact that a lot of users are increasingly consuming online and social content through mobile devices, some of the statistics have revealed that brands have not begun altering their mobile features to suit the needs of these consumers.

54% of those surveyed said mobile-optimized websites don’t provide enough information. 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a mobile optimized website and 48% of people spend more time on mobile-optimized sites. These numbers show that there is a need for brands to develop their mobile web designs to give their audience the experience they are looking for.

We\’ve seen a fair share of mobile web designs that are so bad, they shouldn\’t even be mobile optimized in the first place. Instead, take a look at the 7 designs that deserve to be credited for their efforts.



Spotify is simplicity at its best. It is straightforward and extremely fuss-free. Granted, there isn\’t much to showcase on their website except to focus on their free Spotify app, but the brand has made their website very visually appealing that you wish you could scroll on forever. A good point to note is the balance that they have struck with text and images.



Maserati\’s mobile web design is just as sleek as their cars. They\’ve even gotten a little fancy with automated news stickers that updates their news every 5 seconds, fast enough for impatient people yet slow enough for you to catch it. What a lot of companies don\’t realize is that your website\’s design is a reflection of your brand. Take pride in it and you will alter the perception of your audiences.



Time has a very structured mobile web design, which is extremely important for content heavy websites. Unlike other news websites that just post up headlines of the latest articles, they\’ve incorporated images as well for the main page, and good quality ones at that! They\’ve also a cool \’Tap\’ feature that increases a reader\’s interaction with the site without complicating the layout too much.



Similar to Time\’s layout, Mashable\’s mobile web design is equally as organized and structured as Time\’s. A difference is that Mashable places more importance on images rather than text, which is fine as they\’ve got a structured layout.



Nokia\’s mobile web design came as a surprise as their counterparts had some really bad layout choices. It has a very clean and simple layout with only one drop-down column, which is quite a rarity in mobile web designs. One takeaway that we\’ve got here is that organisation is key!



For an e-commerce website, Luxola (an online beauty store) was one of the best ones from the crowd. All their items were sectioned in different categories, from the type of products to the different brands that they carry. Their seamless design is perfect for customers who want to shop on the go, which is actually rather hard to experience with e-commerce mobile web designs. Even huge companies such as eBay and Amazon have really bad layouts that just refrain you from buying anything using your phone.



Amongst all the other big names in social media, Google+ came out tops in their design – even beating Facebook and Twitter, brands that have been in the social media game much longer than Google+ has. The newsfeed provides you with updates in a shortened version that allows you to get a gist of the article without having to scroll through the whole piece. Images and text also appear at the right size that doesn\’t require you to zoom in.

4 Tips For A Great Mobile Web Design

1. Simplicity is key: Don\’t go overboard on your design, keep it simple and straightforward.

2. Organize and Categorize: Navigation is most important for the reader/consumer so you need to make it easy for them to browse through your website. It\’s also a great way to get all your content on the web design without having to remove any information.

3. Quality Visuals: We\’ve come across so many (almost) great mobile web designs that just lacked in high quality visuals. A pixelated image will ruin your mobile experience even though the layout of your site is good.

4. Display Specifications: Text and images should be clear enough to read without having to zoom in. It should be optimized to fit the mobile screen.

If you\’re part of a brand that\’s guilty of having a bad mobile web design, it\’s time to get it changed!

4 thoughts on “7 Of The Best Mobile Web Designs”

  1. I’ve seen how businesses keep designing and then re-designing their mobile websites these days and considering the amount of traffic that comes in from mobile devices, it doesn’t really come across as a surprise!

    Great post! My favorites are Maserati and Mashable of course. 😉

    1. A website is the first thing a consumer would search for to learn more about a product or business. And now that everyone’s using their phones 24/7, it’s imperative that these companies should spend more resources on creating a better mobile experience for their consumers. Yet there are still so many with bad layouts!

  2. Today’s social gen’ next probably uses an app or scrolls through a browser only and only if what they show captures their interest! Thus it is quite important for brands to undergo that change! Google+ has definitely made itself as friendly as it can get to the user! Great article 🙂

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