Keywords That Get Content Shared On Social Media

The two most important things in content marketing are words (duh!) and visuals. A marriage made in heaven between these two items would surely get you the attention and virality that you’re looking for. But what keywords should you be using to attain the much anticipated traction for your articles? This infographic created by Quick Sprout sifts through the top keywords and phrases that you should be using on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to capture the attention of your audience.

\"Infographic\"The Best Words To Share On Facebook

Sure, common terms like “Deals” and “Discounts” are probably the first few things you would think of adding to your headlines to gain the attention of your audience. No surprise here. But to be perfectly honest, words like “Warns” and “Amuses” are pretty unexpected to be used to gain more shares, likes and comments, don’t you think?

It’s also good to take note of the simplest of terms that you should be using – “When”, “Where”, “Would”, “Tell Us” and “Post”. These key terms clearly encourage reactions by questioning your audience and persuasively urging them to engage with your content.

When Running A Contest Or Promotion On Facebook

Alarmingly enough, stay away from mentioning words that relate to a contest or promotion. On hindsight, these words do sound tacky, eh? Imagine reading a post along the lines of “Hey guys, we’ve got a contest for Mother’s Day where you get to win two tickets to the Maldives!” vs “Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Wouldn’t you want to surprise your mother with winning tickets to the Maldives?” Using the right terms and phrasing your content in a manner that encourages a response is bound to do just that.

Best Words To Share On Twitter

Personally, when I see tweets asking me to help them by retweeting or reposting a tweet, I get repulsed and usually avoid doing so. But it seems like the human race isn’t as mean as I am as countless researches have shown in statistics that tweets which contain “Please retweet” actually do get tons of retweets and see an increase engagement. Give it a try if you must.

The Best Words To Share On LinkedIn

The universally overused keyword in headlines might just have to be “Effective”.  The fact that it has been so overused is the reason why you should stay away from it, along with those other nine words. Keep to keywords and phrases with positive undertones, that you haven’t already come across a hundred times on the Internet today.

The Best Words To Share On Google+

These keywords couldn\’t have been made simpler for us content marketers. These keywords couldn\’t have been made simpler for us content marketers. As explained by Quick Sprout in the infographic, persuading your audience involves picking the right words and terms that would eventually affect their decision making process.

If you\’ve got your own stash of keywords or phrases that have been tried and tested successfully on social media, please do share it with us in the comments below!

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