Rules of Engagement: How Brands Should Connect with their Fans

Companies and brands around the world are rapidly realizing the benefits of utilizing social media as a tool in their marketing arsenal. Naturally, social media platforms can be a great way to spread your brand name to an audience that would have been difficult to reach a decade ago.

However, despite all the benefits that social media can offer a brand, neglecting a page or Twitter account can have detrimental effects to a company. Failing to respond to customers on social media is just as negligent as ignoring them in person–how bad would it look if a customer asked a brand representative a question face-to-face, and received no answer!

But don’t let this dissuade you from using social media platforms to further enhance your brand. As a matter of fact, when a page is monitored, and the operator takes care to respond to and engage fans, the results can greatly bolster a brand’s appearance in the public eye.

Recently, SocialBakers  reviewed social engagement of a wide array of companies, praising those with the highest engagement scores. These included companies such as Dutch Airline KLM, Safaricom of Kenya, Personal Communications of Argentina and LBC Express Inc.

So how did these brands use quality engagement to boost themselves to social media stardom?

Let’s take a look at what they’ve been doing.

Responding to Inquiries

The brands below are doing it, and you should be too. One of the most important aspects of managing any social media platform is to always respond to your followers–the quicker, the better. Whether it is a question regarding pricing, a new product, or a policy, no question is too small, and consistent helpful answers will build a strong sense of trust and reliability between you and your audience.

Customer Service

It used to be that in order to receive customer service, you would either have to have an operator direct you to the customer service department via telephone, or physically go to the company’s nearest customer service center.

The dawn of social media has changed this. Now, individuals can report an issue with a product, troubleshoot a problem, and much more, directly through a company’s social media platform.

Offering customer service through your brand’s social media platforms is a great way to build engagement, and should not be taken lightly.

Reinforcing Relationships

This aspect of social media engagement is often overlooked, but can go a long way. The manner in which you address and respond to your followers will say a lot about your company. Doing so in a warm, friendly manner, and addressing the customer directly by name can work wonders for engagement. Oh, and the occasional emoticon never hurts 🙂

Occasionally, you will run in to followers who are particularly dedicated to your brand. Throwing these individuals a shout-out will not only reinforce your relationship with them, but will also reflect positively on the rest of your audience.

The Banana 737! (By @JSteenwelle)

— Royal Dutch Airlines (@KLM) January 25, 2014

Key Take-Aways

As it turns out, engaging with your users to improve your brand image isn\’t so hard after all, now is it? By following these simple guidelines, responding promptly to inquiries, providing efficient customer service on social media, and reinforcing your customer relationship, your brand too can be on its way to social media stardom!

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