Vine Content Strategy and Review: Samsung

One of the newest additions to the social media family is Vine, a video sharing network owned by Twitter. Vine allows its users to create short, 7 second video loops which can be shared on the Vine site or other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for brands and companies to take notice of this new social media platform, and begin implementing it as a medium for advertising.

7 seconds may not seem like a sufficient amount of time to get any sort of message across–which is true to an extent–so brands need to get a little creative with their Vine videos.

One tactic which Samsung uses throughout the majority of their Vine videos is stop motion. They film one short, split-second frame after another, allowing them to cram tons of creativity into a very confined time span. This often results in very artistic and captivating videos.   In the above Vine, Samsung utilizes artistic stop-motion filming in tandem with the holiday theme to showcase 3 of their latest products; a smart watch, tablet and phone, respectively. This Vine acts as a sort of teaser, prompting viewers to head to the Samsung website to further investigate these products.

In this creative Vine, Samsung uses an artistic hand-drawn loop which showcases their Air Transfer technology, which allows Samsung users to wirelessly send and receive files to and from the Samsung cloud . In this Vine, Samsung uses stop motion to give us a taste of the capabilities of their GalaxyNote, depicting a young woman drawing a sketch on the note as easily as if it were a piece of paper. I don’t know about you, but this Vine sure made me want to play around with a GalaxyNote.

This is personally one of my favorite Vines on the Samsung page. Samsung shows off a variety of almost 20 different products in the span of 7 seconds, including cameras, tablets, phones and smart watches. At any point in time, you can click (or tap if you are using the smartphone app) to pause the video on any item you want to take a closer look at.

One of the newest innovations in smart phone technology is the smart watch. Naturally, this product makes an appearance in a majority of the Vines on Samsung’s page; however, Samsung really nails it in this Vine loop, showcasing all of the different varieties, colors, and styles of smart watches that they have available.

What Samsung is Doing Well

With only 7 seconds to showcase content, there is only so much that a brand can do right (or wrong, for that matter). Luckily, Samsung falls into the former. They are optimizing their Vines by loading them with creativity and innovation, as well as balancing this artistic flare with showcasing of their products.

Additionally, they are making good use of the “hash-tag” function on Vine, which also integrates with Twitter, using the “#GalaxyLife” tag to link their their campaign across social platforms.

Advice for New Brands on Vine

Here are some quick tips and advice for new brands trying to promote themselves on Vine.

– Be creative – A simple 7 second clip praising your product is boring. Get artistic an creative and experiment with new ideas.

– Reinforce brand name – Use a \”hash-tag\” with your slogan to reinforce your brand name and connect to your brand\’s Twitter page.

– Engage with followers – Talk to your followers! Respond to their comments and encourage them to make their own Vines involving your products.

– Consistency – Upload new content frequently and consistently (but not to the point where it\’s spammy) to keep followers checking back regularly.

What We Can Expect to See

Vine is still in its early stages as far as social media marketing is concerned, but as this platform picks up traction, we can expect to see brands getting more innovative and creative.

Brand endorsements from celebrities (both real world and Vine celebrities) are sure to play a big roll.

Sweepstakes and competitions – we are bound to see companies start using these through Vine, potentially offering prizes to the best submitted user vines featuring their brand, etc.


All in all, samsung is doing a solid job with their Vine page. It is fun, artistic, creative, and as informative as 7 second clips can be. They could use a little bit more content and diversity as far as the Vines go, but the platform is still in its beginning stages – we really, really think Samsung is doing a great job on Vine.