Good listening skills never go out of fashion!

Good listening skills are essential in life – but also in Marketing!
Good marketers have been listening to their consumers and audiences in many different ways for decades – through surveys, focus groups, research panels and so much more. In most of these situations, the consumer is aware that they are the ‘target’ of the marketer’s interest.
However – the majority of your consumers are actually having conversations about your brand when they aren’t ‘selected’ to play a role in your market research. This results in billions of public (and some private) discussions and posts that are accessible to marketers- in real-time!
Interested in unlocking this valuable data? We certainly were. So we developed the best social intelligence platform available in the market today, 20/Twenty.
Let me talk you through a few key applications of 20/Twenty:
  1. Social and News monitoring and research: Track conversations and news, set-up alerts, generate insights, monitor your competitors. Download everything you want to.
  2. Crisis Management and Prevention: pre-emptive alerts coupled with predictive warnings from Beacon will help you prevent an incident from becoming a crisis – but if it does, use the Collaboration features to alert your colleagues and hash out a strategy.
  3. Competitive Intelligence: Track and monitor updates from all your competitors’ official brand platforms – sortable in multiple ways – in one place. Like something you see? Use it to create a ‘Spark’ on the platform and share it with your marketing or agency team. Do the same for your own brand across multiple markets too.
  4. Customer Service: Spot someone in need of help? Allocate tasks easily and effectively using 20/Twenty.
  5. Product Pricing decisions: Find out exactly how your audience feels about your pricing change. Use this information as inputs for pricing and promotion decisions.
  6. Product Features decisions: You introduced a new product feature – but your audience doesn’t exactly agree – wait till you see raw feedback in real-time on the platform. Use it to make quick changes and set things rights!
  7. Media Planning: Want to check the impact of the new ad campaign you launched on Twitter? See if there is a change in the volume or sentiment of conversations around your brand or campaign. Use our Channel Analysis tool to analyse and influence your media spend strategy.
  8. Message crafting: Craft your messaging based on what your audiences thinks about you, your competitors and what they are already engaging with on social.
  9. Content Creation: The platform also has a content discovery section. Find out what is trending in areas and categories that are important to you – and use it to get inspired.
  10. Influencer Discovery: Find out who is driving conversations around the topics that you are interested in. Follow them on multiple platforms and track what drives them.
  11. Lead Generation: Listening is not just about getting alerted about potential crisis situations or understanding the audience – you can also use the same principles to unearth potential business and collaboration opportunities.
  12. Campaign Tracking and Optimization: Just launched a campaign and want to check how it is performing? Monitor channels, keywords, hashtags, influencers, responses – all in real-time!

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Decoding love for Big Bang and One Direction using 20/Twenty- Next-Gen Social Intelligence Platform.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – This is so true for Big Bang and One Direction, the two super hot boy bands that are rocking the world of music. No matter what people say about boy bands – Their music is shallow, they are just a fad; meant to fade away within a short period of time, they work on a set formula of cute boys and cheesy music or whatever, these two boy bands have proven them wrong time and again by releasing super hit music albums one after another. Big Bang has more than half a billion views on its YouTube channel and One Direction has registered itself in none other than the Guinness World Records!

With so much happening around these two bands, the social media has erupted with fan conversations, posts, sentiments and so much more.

Given the popularity of these two bands on social media, our team at Circus2020 was super intrigued to find out which one of them has triumphed the other. Using 20/Twenty- our next generation social intelligence platform we decided to research Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong’s social media landscape to discover answers to our quest. Some of the findings are quite interesting, especially in the Gender Analysis and Language Analysis sections. Overall, Big Bang emerged as a winner against One Direction. But, you must read the full report to see if Big Bang has truly won in the matter of the hearts. Given is an excerpt from the report;

Post_Volume Analysis

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20/Twenty, The Next Generation Social Intelligence Platform

Social Listening Platforms have been around for a while – and though they have become an essential part of a marketing manager’s armory, they have not evolved much since the early days. Circus 20/Twenty is an attempt to change that!

We started off with over 50 face-to-face discussions with marketers to find out what frustrates them most about the existing listening platforms they use. We also asked them what they would like to see in a next generation listening platform. Based on the responses we received and based on our personal frustrations of using listening platforms, we went about building 20/Twenty, the next generation social intelligence platform.

We’re thrilled with the results! You can take it for a spin here, or read on to find why early adopters of 20/Twenty are feeling happy with the switch!

1. Easy and Intuitive
Most marketers we spoke with did not use their listening platforms themselves. It was usually left to a specialized ‘listening expert’ (mostly an intern!) on their team or on the agency’s team. As a result, they were able to get only a fraction of the overall value their platform had to offer.
20Twenty Segment Images_Easy Intuitive
We focused a lot on making 20/Twenty easy and intuitive – so that senior managers can themselves pop in from time to time and take a quick look at important insights that they could have missed otherwise. Most of them need no training and instructions at all. They simply ‘get it’ within a few minutes of playing around.

2. Data Coverage
Most marketers have separate platforms to track social conversations, news, key influencers, competitors, global trends etc. This is simply inconvenient, time consuming and expensive.
20Twenty Segment Images_Data Coverage
We have been able to build all of this into one easy to use platform. In addition to having access to every popular social platform, real-time and historical data and multiple data aggregators, 20/Twenty is also able to work in multiple languages (including the tough Asian scripts)

3. Data and Vibrant Charts
Most marketers made it a point to mention this to us. While they appreciate the value of data and charts, they would love their platform to go beyond just that and help come up with deeper insights.
20Twenty Segment Images_Data Vibrant Charts
20/Twenty goes beyond data. We take brands into the world of their competitors, the broader industry, and even the world at large. This is not restricted to their home market either. Clients are able to track entire regions.

4. Meaningful Collaboration

Most marketers also requested for collaboration features that are not just about emailing a post to a colleague.
20Twenty Segment Images_Maeningful Collab
We have built in useful features like Collections, Sparks and Reports that take collaboration to a whole new level. It also means that all the brands stakeholders (brand team, sales team, PR team and the agency team) can not only access the platform but also participate in the process of using insights to come up with new initiatives.

5. Markets
Another common frustration that marketers expressed (especially those with regional responsibilities) was the inability to track and analyze different markets at the same time.
20Twenty Segment Images_Markets
With 20/Twenty marketers can slice and dice across different markets and diverse parameters in a single interface.

6. Instantly Productive
With 20/Twenty, we don’t just ‘hand over’ the platform to you and expect you or your agency to ‘configure’ it. We realize and understand that the key factors that determine the value of a platform are, the quality of research, the structuring of the topics/ sub-topics, queries, and the junk filters etc.
20Twenty Segment Images_Instantly Productive
Our analysts do all of this for you so that you are productive instantly!

7. Managed Solution
We also realize that there is some level of maintenance, clean up and ongoing tweaks required for the platform to be able to reflect new marketing initiatives and changes in the environment.
20Twenty Segment Images_Managed Solution
Our analysts stay on top of the situation and keep the system updated, always.

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