10 Twitter Tips For Community Managers

Skeptics have been predicting the decline of Twitter for a long time now but recent news have just proven otherwise. Twitter users have grown by 16 million in the second quarter, so marketers, hold your horses – don\’t get off the Twitter bandwagon just yet. We\’ve put together a list of 10 Twitter tips for community managers to stay ahead of your Twitter game and here\’s a few that you should pay special attention to:

Creating Twitter Lists

We can\’t stress this enough – Twitter lists are a great way for marketers to keep abreast of updates related to you industry. Individual influencers that are active on Twitter are great people to add to your list as they constantly share the latest updates and news in your industry that are worth noting. Websites that produce great content should also be added to your lists for latest trends to take note of.

Compulsive Following

One habit that we notice across social media is the excessive “follows” that some users subject themselves to, in the hopes of garnering follows back. An individual, brand, website or business that has 40k followers and are following 40k users aren\’t seen as influential or popular. Instead, it comes across as a desperate measure to increase your follower count – which isn’t what social media is about – yet we see this occurring on on Twitter and Instagram a lot.

The guys at Twitter themselves find this to be spam and has even enforced rules to prevent this happening. \”Follow for follow\” is certainly not cool at all. So please, don\’t.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Many big brands use Twitter as an online source of communication for a brand and it\’s customers. When there are multiple people running a Twitter account due to the high volumes of conversation, it\’s always a good practice to include the first name or initials at the back of tweets. Customers react better when they are aware that they are conversing with personalities, rather than just a brand.

The guys at UPS are doing a great job on social customer service!

Listening Tool

If you aren’t using your brand’s Twitter account to address customer queries, it’s always great to check in on a weekly basis using social listening tools to gather topics of discussion amongst your audiences. When you’re aware of what your audiences are talking about, tweet about things that interest them and get a conversation going. That’s the basis of social media right?