SocialBro – The Best ‘Bro’ for Twitter Management

Right from its inception in 2006, Twitter has been a constant platform for unique engagement across the world. Due to lack of its native analytics tool, Twitter analytics were dependent on third party applications/services and till date the native tool does not provide the very best, hence more and more brands across the globe have been collaborating with tools to measure, quantify and analyse Twitter dynamics.

We at Beta21 have been sharing details about noteworthy tools to simplify Twitter engagement for some time now and during one such research we came across SocialBro, a web based application. The company was founded in 2011, and today has the biggest giants using its services that include Google, McDonald’s & Coca Cola to name a few.

So what made these giants dwell into this application, and more importantly what does SocialBro offer as an ‘extra’ to its users. As per Javier Buron, CEO of SocialBro the start of SocialBro began with much evaluation and trials at their own end; he says \”Before launching SocialBro, we provided social media development consulting. At the time, we created seven apps that helped users find the right people to follow on Twitter. We also developed (now offline). In 2010 the @followfriday @followfridaycom Twitter accounts had attracted more than 40o,000 followers. Many of these followers were famous people like Miranda Kerr and well known football players. The only reason we knew this was because Twitter informed us via email. Although, with so many emails alerts, we couldn’t easily tell if these famous people were still following us or not. Thousands of emails were quite clearly SPAM and there wasn’t an easy way to understand who our followers were. We couldn’t answer a simple question like ‘who are my followers with the most followers?’ (I.e. our most influential Twitter followers). This was the start of SocialBro”.

This quick video and we were hooked.

Depending upon the business or individual requirements, SocialBro offers comprehensive plans and pricing, which includes Basic, Professional, Business and Enterprise formats including a 15 day free trial. With a lot going behind providing the very best to our users, we reviewed the SocialBro trial account and indeed noticed that SocialBro is different from other Twitter management platforms in a number of ways. It is indeed a one-stop solution for everything Twitter.

SocialBro provides more powerful audience analysis; segmentation options and direct marketing tools that help you take advantage of your followers. The platform also offers users a better understanding of their followers with advanced filtering and search features.

SocialBro SocialBro Analytics, Engagement and Targetting features

Tools for all occasions

Apart from the regular Twitter activities that include Follow, Unfollow, Reply, Block, send DM and add to lists, SocialBro offers advanced features that would assist you to simplify tasks as a community manager, especially when you are handling multiple accounts. The “Collaborator tool’ allows you to add 3-5 team members to your account, thus simplifying the overall task of account management for clients, without compromising on authority since  much access lies with the account creator.

The “Discover Twitter Tool” assists in finding active twitter users. This tool can filter the required results basis their bio, location and name. Apart from these basics results the advanced search option can populate results basis time zones, language, users (Verified & Non-verified), URL’s, country, gender, entity type & avatar for the chosen keyword, which is more than impressive. As a community manager this tool would help you with finding new, potential and realistic customer base to engage with. Once the data is in place, the tool further assists in sending DM’s, edit tags, and create an individual best time to tweet report!

The smart application, helps you keep a track when you try to follow back an account, which in recent past was ‘unfollowed’ by you at some point. This is very useful especially when as a community manager you are using multiple Twitter tools. SocialBro pops an alert icon in such cases.

One of the best tools that we found was “The Rule-Builder Tool’. This tool would assist community manager to save a lot of valuable time, since the most mundane tasks are taken care by this tool itself. It helps you to set specific actions for pre-set conditions. As community mangers you can choose the task able actions under the following headers:

‘When’ Someone Follows, Mentions, Favourites and adds you to the list. Once the ‘When’ option is chosen the tool takes you to the ‘With’ option where in the users can input the details basis Bio, names and location (Again available with the basic and advanced features).Once the required criteria is set. The tool moves to the last segment where in the user can set the ‘Then’ status which could be a pre-set message used to send a DM, or mention the user in a tweet or simply add a tag to their profile.

SocialBro helps community manager to create a ‘White list’ consisting of influencers, followers, clients and also a ‘Blacklist’ consisting of spammers, unfollowed accounts from your end, and automated accounts. SocialBro also helps you to track ‘Mentions’ effectively. All these tasks are taken care by specialised sub-tools.

Stats to the Rescue

In addition, in comparison to many other tools in the market, SocialBro users get access to actionable stats. Community managers can effectively drill down one level further and see the Twitter users behind their stats. The unique functionality allows brands to engage with the right Twitter users. SocialBro also assists with various sub features to effectively analyse your community. The stats can be listed as per language, time zone, custom avatar, profile with users, private profiles, gender, entity type, country, ratio to mention a few.

This unique tool also helps in generating highly evaluated reports about your brand, which can be customised. It helps you evaluate users and generate best time to tweet reports, account comparison, bench mark comparison, real time analytics and using Kred and Peerlndex score to find influential users. According to Javier “We are introducing more advanced reporting, monitoring and analytics tools to help optimise ROI and segmentation of Twitter campaigns.”

Get Linked

Apart from the plethora of sub-features that SocialBro offers, the web application has integrated itself with the best features in social media domain, to help community mangers indulge in nothing but the very best. This includes to measure the click stats for shared links, Google Analytics for overall analytics, Salesforce to manage customer information and lead generation and nimble as a social CRM tool to manage contacts, communications, and other account activities, giving it a 360 degree twist!

SocialBro SocialBro inbuilt link feature

Apart from the above listed features, SocialBro helps export Optimal Tweet Schedule (based on algorithm) to HootSuite

If you have been following our articles, there is little chance that you would have missed ‘content is key’ bit. SocialBro has a specialised sub-feature of Tweet Analytics based and helps gain insight on the best tweets (based on retweets, replies and favourites).

Engagement the Right Way

SocialBro provides an effective platform to run through its ‘Twitter DM campaigns tool’ and also yield specialised set of analytics for it. This can be used by marketers during huge events, information sharing with a select fraternity, promotions, PR and for sending out mass invitations.

SocialBro is becoming the most apt choice for marketers today with almost 250,000 registered users / 3,000 customers / 40,000 monthly active users to boast of. Much of the user base for this brilliant application comes from US, SPAIN, UK, MX, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

SocialBro is exhaustive in what it offers, however a dedicated customer support team, user guide and tutorials would help you understand the tool way better. Not to forget the daily evaluation e-mails that the tool sends out to keep the users updated.

SocialBro SocialBro E-mail updates

All in all, SocialBro came across as a comprehensive tool for targeting, engagement, analytics and management on Twitter. In Javier’s own words “We believe Twitter is going to be the glue of communication just like email is today. On that basis, we are creating a suite of tools that will help marketing professionals, community managers, sales and recruiters take advantage and extract real value from Twitter”

With that thought in our mind, we urge you to try this application and experience the wonderful world of SocialBro.

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