Jon Loomer Simplifies Facebook Ads

Jon Loomer – the Professional who was not let down by his lay off, even after years of experience; and saw it as an ‘opportunity’ to make a difference. The site that started as a bilateral resume, looking for ‘good’ job openings, has now revolutionized into a full-fledged consulting and digital tutorials destination. Today, Jon Loomer is a digital marketing consultant with a sui generis viewpoint on social media. His rendezvous with Facebook began in 2007 and carries on till date.

The blog offers daily tips and touches upon breaking news to make sure you don’t miss a step while marketing your brand. It gives you the opportunity to learn and be a better Facebook marketer and blogger. And like many others, you can either subscribe to his blog Jon Loomer Digital or simply like his Facebook Page, Jon Loomer Digital. The website focuses on helping you make a difference in marketing with social media – the platform in focus being Facebook.

The latest update from Digital Marketer Extraordinaire, Jon Loomer, is his Facebook ads glossary; knowing it is currently trending in social media and not many have a clear idea of how to go about using them. And it has gone viral, just like the rest of his tips do. Not because he is ‘just’ a favorite among a few, but because his content is authentic and always – legit.

Facebook advertising – understanding the unfathomable terms and features can be a bit knotty and this infographic, Facebook Ads Glossary, by Jon Loomer is only to give you an astute understanding of all that you need to know.


This isn\’t the first time the finest of Professionals with an ‘obviously’ credible background has published information acquired in their years of empiricism; which makes it evident that there are many out there, who despite their busy schedules take time out to guide those who are still ‘in making’ in their respective fields. The reason why people follow them word by word (if not, then most of them), is because the kind of content they publish, the kind of infographics they offer not just speak of their experience but years of gaining knowledge.

The thing that stood for me in this infographic which made me share it here was the simplicity and straightforwardness of the infographic. There aren\’t any little men jumping around, and there isn\’t any additional graphic or element that isn\’t needed. All separate terms are in separate background colors, with the exact term defined with a crisp one-liner. In barely 150 seconds, you\’re able to go through the entire infographic and grasp everything that it\’s all about.

For those of you just starting out in Facebook Ads – we suggest that you take a printout of this and tape it to your desk! This will come in handy for the first month of your experiments.

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