Creating a Content Marketing Plan With Swayy

With the end of 2013, social media marketing being the chameleon it is has changed color again. And guess what is the latest shade it dons? Content Marketing. A regular marketing tool that was used by almost all brands, has not just come in the spotlight but also become the prime element in determining the success of a brand.

Well, at least for 2014, we know Content Marketing is a definitive for success.

But what is Content Marketing? Now I know most of you feel it is silly to be asking this, but trust me there are a lot out there who have no clue about what they are doing. So a quick walk through – Content Marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and the to be’s without seeming too desperate for sales. It is just another approach for promoting your products or services without ‘actually’ promoting them. You pitch the idea of why a user would need it and how your product or service is better than those offered by your competitors.

We have seen the biggest brands get content marketing wrong and the epitome of horrific content marketing strategy was seen on McDonald’s UK Facebook page. The only comment it attracted from people like me was, ‘Give me McContent PLEASE.’

Are you a click-baiting scumbag? Don\’t be. #SMM #CMGR

— Beta21 (@BetaTwentyOne) January 29, 2014


But amongst the disastrous marketing strategies, there were a few geeky brands that emerged as the uber cool ones. Don’t know who I am talking about? Check out Intel’s Page Review and you’ll know exactly why I am going gaga over their page. They reinforced the fact that CONTENT IS KING. (All caps – serious business here pal!)

Social media marketers are forever running from pillar to post (web page to web page) looking for ideas to create content that is unique to their brand. But after a while, they exhaust their super powers and end up sharing the most cliché content ever! Any guesses what that leads to? A downfall in your reach on social platforms like Facebook, where people constantly ‘like’ and ‘share’ content they feel allured to.

I understand that it’s hard to keep up with the trending topics and post types, but let’s face it – THERE IS NO ESCAPING CONTENT. There really isn\’t, we tried.

Content Curation is Killing Your Brand Online: #SMO #SMM #Social

— Beta21 (@BetaTwentyOne) January 28, 2014

I am not mocking you. Well, actually I am so that I can introduce this really awesome solution to all your troubles. Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present to you my latest discovery (since I can’t even imagine creating something so awesome) – Swayy!

Though there are many apps like Hootsuite, Feedly and Buffer that help ease the burden of keeping up your social media appearances, they don’t offer what Swayy does.

So what is Swayy? Beta21 exclusively caught up with Lior Degani, co-founder of Swayy. We asked him what caused the initial spark for Swayy. In Lior\’s own words, \”Swayy was actually born out of our own need, where we had a previous startup and our community manager spent a lot of time looking for interesting content to share on social media. We discovered this problem and decided to solve it.\”

\”We developed a unique technology which analyzes your social community and matches it with the most relevant content from around the web. As people consume more and more content through social channels, we believe it’s just the beginning of the relationship between content and social.\”

So there you have it. Problem, and then solution. Only in this case – a pretty awesome one. Swayy, the latest beta stage startup, aims at streamlining the process of content research and curation into one simple workflow. The app offers a stream of eye catching shareable content based on your choice of subjects, along with the option to schedule and analyze their popularity.

“The master of all trades” – I might just give them that title happily!

How do you become a good Swayyer my fellow marketer?

Getting Started!


Getting Started On Swayy!

Since this app is integrated with the two most popular social platforms – Facebook and Twitter, signing up isn’t a hassle. Choose the profile you wish to integrate with this app, and voila! You are set.

(I tried both BTW. Don’t ask why!)

Working The Content Magic. 


Based on what you have been sharing, which pages you have been visiting, and which subjects you browse on the most, Swayy offers a wonderfully organized dashboard of your own with a decent list of stories to choose from. This takes a few moments to load, but considering the amount of posts we share on a daily basis, you can cut it some slack here. The stories are displayed as cards in a Masonry style layout making visual navigation easy.

The stories that are showcased on your dashboard are either one of these two labels – ‘Currently Trending in your Circles’ or ‘Based on your Community.’ The former categorizes the content that doesn’t accurately fit with your preferred subjects, but are popular among the wider; and the latter categorizes all subject content that your brand is known to associate with.

Most news gathering platforms are very inaccurate when it comes to gathering content based on a brand and its audience’s choice. But Swayy is building reputation for being exactly the opposite – accurate – to the ‘e’.

If you feel a story suggested by Swayy is irrelevant and decide to dismiss it, the app automatically replaces it with a fresh story. So basically, you are always spoilt for choice!

It not just gives you enough stories to share, but enough suggestions to weave your very own \’unique\’ content around – images, infographics, text content – just about anything you run out of ideas on. Lets get to creating that long due content calendar of your brand.

Of Course, You Can Add More Topics! 


It’s not like you are stuck with only those subjects that you have been showing interest in. Swayy lets you add topics to the list according to your needs. And of course, gives you an even bigger list of stories to choose from!

From what I am guessing, social media marketers have a lot to work on and a plethora of topics to cover. Isn’t this feature exactly what you were looking for?

The Sharing Game Begins. 


In the bottom right corner of each story showcased on your dashboard, you will see ‘share’ and ‘share later’ functions – which gives you the choice of sharing content with your audience instantly or dilly dallying it to a time that best suits your marketing strategy. This lets you create your own content backup and not worry about what to post a day later!

The separation of the social networks that you could share this content on, while composing a message lets you avoid annoying your brand’s fans with excessive @-mentions and hashtags. (Our Savior!)

Stats Galore! 


I think this is the most impressive feature of Swayy. Considering that there is always the need to install plugins or use one tool or the other to get accurate statistics of each of our posts – on each social platform, Swayy makes the going easier with a ‘View Analytics’ tab.

As a social media marketer, the combined Favorites, ReTweets and Replies graph lets you know how much engagement your brand is able to curate on Twitter. For those brands that rely heavily on Facebook, Facebook Actions vs Reaction Frequency graph gives you an overall look at the interaction customers make with your page. This not just lets you know what kind of content your audience related to, but also lets you decide on the topics you have missed out on and could touch upon in the future.

I am amazed by the features it offers and if you are in any way similar to me, you’ll be too! So, how do you decide to use this app?

Well, I could suggest some ways:

  1. Decide on the frequency of posts you want to offer on your brand’s social platform.
  2. Take a good look at the type of content your audience relates to and come up with a list of topics that you feel your content strategy should cover.
  3. It isn’t always about what circles around your brand, schedule a few posts that are trending in your circles that aren’t even closely related to the subjects you choose. (Don’t fret! Swayy helps you with that.)
  4. Share some interesting stories RELEVANT to your brand, ‘instantly’.
  5. Schedule some stories for a later time so that you don’t lose out on the customer attention.
  6. Add the hashtags and @-mentions RELEVANT to your brand while composing the message for the shared post.

(Don’t mind the overuse of RELEVANT because RELEVANT is what your content has to be.)

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