A Guide to ManageFlitter for Social Marketers

Analytics plays a major role and is the key to success of any Social Media campaign. It not only helps a brand access its campaign strategy better but also gives valuable inputs on interactions by its followers. If you have been handling Twitter for your clients, chances are that at some point of time you would have experienced a flat graph with little or no activity on the follower front. What could have been the reason? Was it low quality followers or fake followers or both?

Fake profiles and inactive users (bots, in technical language) are usually program run profiles and are usually paid followers, malware or accounts created to increase clicks on advertisements and hamper your organic follower growth. Most brands today face this challenge. Hence it is very important to have the right following so that your brand strategy is in line and your brand’s voice is heard by the right people.

Till very recently most of this study was done manually (We can understand the pain, though). This takes a tough route when marketers have to manage different accounts. Now in today’s time offering a basic tool is no mean task (there are dozens in the market) what is important here is the usefulness of this tool. In our quest of helping you with the best tools in the industry we take the liberty to introduce you to – ManageFlitter. Mange Flitter is a web based Twitter application (an award winning that too!) which offers quite an assortment of features to its users.

A firsthand experience at things is the best one and hence we decided to plunge in understanding this tool a tad better. ManageFlitter offers 3 plans to choose from depending upon your usability, that includes a ‘Free’ version as well.


Let’s see what impressed us and what did not.

What We Loved:

Clear that Clutter

We all are well aware about the number of followers and following on the account we manage don’t we? ManageFlitter breaks this data further into the profile that are not following you back, profiles that you are following with no images, and inactive profile. Why is this data important? To begin with unlike Facebook, relationships on twitter are different. If your brand is following someone necessarily does not mean that the other person/brand would follow you back. This leads to different combination of relationships. ‘Not following you back’ data would throw a mix of influencers and individual at you, utilise this data to trim your following list and follow the one’s which are relevant to your brand/business. It would also help you to de-clutter your timeline and keep abreast with relevant stories that matter to your brand the most.


Manage Flitter also provides data on profiles with no images and inactive profile (profiles which have not tweeted in the last 30 days or so) .Inactive accounts do not re -tweets, they also affect the twitter ratio and also hamper your brand’s influence. These accounts may have been followed while creating your brand’s Twitter profile, and may include close associates, business partners or clients. Though these individuals may be a good reason to be in touch as far as your business is concerned, they do not qualify for a good following and may adversely impact your Twitter health.

More Data

ManageFlitter further filters down the data to as per your brand’s following ratio and influencers. This data could be utilised the reach of influencers and start conversation with the most apt of the lot. The most important data that ManageFlitter provides is the Talkative and Quiet data. It would help your brand know exactly which influencers are talking loud and which are talking quiet. Needless to say it’s the talkative that would help your brand grow!

Relevance Meter

ManageFlitter helps search as high as 80 million twitter accounts in seconds based on the keyword search initiated, at least that’s what the website says. ManageFlitter helped us reach relevant audience based on the keyword search we did. This included keyword featuring in their Twitter bios, location and or as a part of any conversation. We entered ‘Fashion’ and this is what we saw


Apart from the relevant followers, a right click gave us more in depth information about the particular account!

Schedule Tweets with an Edge!

There are many tools that would help you to scheduled tweet, however how many of them would help you with the best time to tweet! ManageFlitter does this for you, through its PowerPost feature. This feature can help brands to tweet at the optimal times, depending upon your daily tweeting frequency, most likely when your followers would see the updates. The PowerPost Rotate feature helps to re-use a tweet earlier used as PowerPost.

If you are a global brand, you can tweet the best tweet at the given time and across any specified geo location or when people or brands you follow are on Twitter. The Pro version of ManageFlitter further enhances it by scheduling tweets when either all followers or top 100 are on Twitter.


Get In Sync with the legendary Google+

By far one of the most unique features that ManageFlitter offers is its ability to get synced with Google+. Brands can choose its “Public” posts on Google+ to automatically reflect on Twitter. We know that this may sound robotic and hence ManageFlitter gives an option to have a selective approach too. This is how they do it!


What We Disliked

Paid Analytics

We pursed our lips at the very thought of Paid Analytics. ManageFlitter offers Account analytics and Tweet analysis for your account; however it is a paid service and is available as a part of its Pro account. The Account Analytics feature helps with graphs depicting, followers, following, tweets and influence. The Tweet analytics feature helps to gain better insights based on ‘keywords’ across various option. Here’s how the Pro service works!


Final Verdict

Now in today’s time sticking to the old saying of “most things in life are free” could be debatable and the same may be partially true for ManageFlitter as well. ManageFlitter did impress us with what it has to offer, however we would have loved it even more if the analytics very free too! It is an ideal tool for growing business and brand. For more details on the best suited option click here https://manageflitter.com/pro. We suggest indulge in the Free version if you are just starting and upgrade to a Pro version with time!

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