Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles

WEBSITE: https://anctu.com/leaf

About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you – be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page.

Users: From social media marketers to social bloggers, managers to researchers, smaller businesses, agencies or enterprises – there are no restrictions attached to the users of Leaf.

Cost of Application: While you need to subscribe to Leaf to get an invitation for usage, Leaf is a still free tool. Yay!

Twitter Profile Analysis

Leaf by Anctu is one of its kind, having no competition by far. There are many tools that help you schedule tweets or search for tweets, but reviewing a user profile in just a click, Leaf has created the benchmark! This tool to analyze twitter profile allows you to get insights on anyone without leaving their Twitter or Tweetdeck profile.  It provides you with a set of metrics for each Twitter user that you can analyze such as tweets per day, social influence, engagement and so on. We had the opportunity to speak to Marko Pavlovic who shared a bit on what makes Leaf special.


Stay Updated

One of the key benefits as shared by Pavlovic is for you to stay updated with your competitors, followers, influencers and community. It provides you with an insight into the flow of activities in the profile of the user you are interested in.


Google Chrome Extension

The \’Leaf\’ tab is an extension on Chrome that allows you to analyze your personal Twitter profile that you are on. A drop down box also shows a list of profiles you have reviewed recently.


Twitter Profile Extension

Alternatively, you can click on the Leaf button that appears user profiles which enables you to view the analysis according to different factors.


The User Interface

Leaf (0.6 Beta) comes with a fairly simple user base which is as easy as \’the click of a button\’. Once you register as a user, you get a \’leaf\’ tab for your Google Chrome browser followed by a \’leaf\’ tab on every twitter user profile. We love this tool to analyze twitter profiles because all you need is just one click for a user to be enthralled with a simple yet a detailed analysis of the profile he/she is viewing.

Basic Features: 

  • A shiny leaf button on every Twitter account you view that triggers stunning analytics, even on Tweetdeck.
  • A set of metrics for each Twitter profile you wish analyze such as tweets per day, social influence, Klout score, a quick overview of topics discussed, recent mentions, top influencers, most engaging tweets and more.
  • Access to a powerful social media dashboard where you can manage and track your Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

Quick Summary Of Twitter Profile


Weekly Forecast Of Retweet Engagement\"Screen

Topics Recently Discussed


With the multitude of benefits rendered by Leaf, it does not come as a surprise that it has found bundles of user invites awaiting its approval as you read this. Pavlovic has also shared that Leaf will be extended to other social media platform giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Thus, no point in wasting precious time and money on reviewing a Twitter or a Tweetdeck profile with another application. We are sold on Leaf as the go-to tool to analyze twitter profiles!

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