SocialFlow: A Tool For Real Time Engagement

Company: SocialFlow Inc.


About: SocialFlow uses real time data to understand the changing trends amongst your audience and map your content on those platforms where it will get maximum attention.

Usage: This social media tool is best suited for businesses that rely a lot on their content marketing strategy. It couples technology with industrial insights to give social media managers an overview on how well their content is reaching out to their audience.

Highlight: The tool automates the publishing and buying across social networks based on conversational trends instead of demographic and behavioral filters; which can be applied after there is a predisposition for someone to engage with your messages, be it paid or earned.

Is There A ‘Right Time’ To Post On Social Media?

With content marketing’s importance rising by the day, social media managers are doing everything they can for it to reach out to their maximum audience – be it using the right hashtags or using paid mediums to promote their posts. But looks like it’s the time that you post at that determines the success of your content (well, mostly!). We managed to get a few quotes off Frank Speiser, the Co-Founder of SocialFlow Inc to explain this software better by highlighting key features and benefits.


With more and more social media tools coming up with features that aim at helping you with your content strategy, SocialFlow seems to be the only one in the industry to bring your attention back to ‘time’.

What Type Of Content Should Your Business Share?

Well there are many ways to execute a content strategy that will keep your posts trending amongst your audience but each topic has a shelf life and a business should be able to determine that before having spent too much time and money on a lost cause.


Why Should You Use SocialFlow?

With even the most popular social platforms like Facebook offering features to give businesses a heads up on when their audience is interacting the most, one might think why a tool like SocialFlow would be required.


3 Products By SocialFlow

The company is known for its three products:

1. Cadence

It is used to analyze real time conversations around your business and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

How it works: The feature uses predictive analysis to determine the value of your business content on the Social Graph by processing over 1 terabyte of data every day. It determines when a particular segment of your target audience is online and what topics they are most likely to engage in. The feature automatically publishes your content in the right circles, at the right time – when the audience is most receptive.


Key benefits: 

  • Better understanding of what your audience is more likely to engage in.
  • Publishing your current content in the right circles helps you become a part of the active conversations around your business.
  • The published content helps create business value by driving in more traffic to your website (more the clicks, more the conversions).
  • It helps you send across the message to those who matter with an intelligent, always-on publishing platform.

2. Forte

It gives a boost to the signals earned from your content to drive more success to those in a paid campaign.

How it works: This feature can be used alone or in combination with any social media management solution you are using to execute your social media strategy. By analyzing your audience and its interests, it gives you an understanding of the potential appetite of a Tweet. Forte alerts the user as and when there is a real time opportunity to promote a tweet via paid campaigns by constantly tracking the conversations happening in your circles.


Key benefits: 

  • The features helps you segment your target audience as per their interests.
  • It helps you allocate a budget for your paid campaigns on social platforms.

3. Crescendo

It grows, engages and converts your target audience by intelligently publishing and purchasing for maximum attention. The feature incorporates language tracking, campaign tracking and dynamic campaign generation.

How it works: The feature uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze the linguistic patterns to predict how much relevance and attention a topic will receive. The feature suggests you the ideal keywords that could bring in the maximum amount of revenue. By constantly analyzing, tracking and suggesting ad campaigns around your business, the feature helps maximize your returns by using real time social trending data. The feature not just aims at your target audience, but also at your best convertible audience.


Key benefits: 

  • Instead of offering one dimensional demographic analysis, the tool lets you target real time conversations around your business, across the web.
  • It lets you keep your paid and earned activities in sync by offering an integrated social platform to amplify the reach of your messages.
  • The feature helps you track conversations right from the beginning till the action it makes those engaging in it, take.
  • It makes your strategy more result oriented without having to invest in expensive keywords.

Thinking Of Having A Try?

If you are keen on gaining in depth information about the tool, its analysis techniques and so on, you can ask for their Latest Whitepaper that gives out social media tips as well or their Forrester Report by sending in some basic information of yours to the team.

Also, ask for a Demo to try out the features of SocialFlow for free! All you need to do is fill up this simple form:


Those of you waiting to hear more from SocialFlow, here’s what Speiser has to share: “We’re launching LinkedIn and a B2B solution as well as a complete brand offering for content pairing with top publishers. I think we\’ll move to advise media spending based on the leading-edge indicator that you get with social data, and maybe even show people the attention delta between types of media (for instance, Facebook vs. TV, or AdWords vs. Facebook).”

Explore Alternatives

Even though we feel the tool is really nifty, you can take a look at some of the other social media tools that could serve your purpose along the same lines like Buffer, TweetDeck and SproutSocial.

Have you used SocialFlow? Feel free to share your experience with us.