10 Twitter Tips For Community Managers

Skeptics have been predicting the decline of Twitter for a long time now but recent news have just proven otherwise. Twitter users have grown by 16 million in the second quarter, so marketers, hold your horses – don\’t get off the Twitter bandwagon just yet. We\’ve put together a list of 10 Twitter tips for community managers to stay ahead of your Twitter game and here\’s a few that you should pay special attention to:

Creating Twitter Lists

We can\’t stress this enough – Twitter lists are a great way for marketers to keep abreast of updates related to you industry. Individual influencers that are active on Twitter are great people to add to your list as they constantly share the latest updates and news in your industry that are worth noting. Websites that produce great content should also be added to your lists for latest trends to take note of.

Compulsive Following

One habit that we notice across social media is the excessive “follows” that some users subject themselves to, in the hopes of garnering follows back. An individual, brand, website or business that has 40k followers and are following 40k users aren\’t seen as influential or popular. Instead, it comes across as a desperate measure to increase your follower count – which isn’t what social media is about – yet we see this occurring on on Twitter and Instagram a lot.

The guys at Twitter themselves find this to be spam and has even enforced rules to prevent this happening. \”Follow for follow\” is certainly not cool at all. So please, don\’t.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Many big brands use Twitter as an online source of communication for a brand and it\’s customers. When there are multiple people running a Twitter account due to the high volumes of conversation, it\’s always a good practice to include the first name or initials at the back of tweets. Customers react better when they are aware that they are conversing with personalities, rather than just a brand.

The guys at UPS are doing a great job on social customer service!

Listening Tool

If you aren’t using your brand’s Twitter account to address customer queries, it’s always great to check in on a weekly basis using social listening tools to gather topics of discussion amongst your audiences. When you’re aware of what your audiences are talking about, tweet about things that interest them and get a conversation going. That’s the basis of social media right?

How Dunkin\’ Donuts Succeeds on Twitter

The very first point  on how Dunkin’ Donuts succeeds on Twitter to get out of the way is that they sell delicious donuts. That is always a big #WIN for me. Beyond their product, Dunkin’ Donuts have met a level of success on Twitter that others would surely like to have for their own.

Excellent Corporate Branding

Dunkin’ Donuts has a great look that you see as soon as you log onto their account. They have their logo bright and in your face, and their header image is simply… mouth-watering. Look at the featured image again – this is a Twitter account that visually makes you want to go to their nearest location and grab a donut.

Take Full Advantage Of New Twitter Features

Beyond the new header image feature, Dunkin\’ Donuts are using to the following:

  • Pinned tweets featuring their current offers and promotions
  • Their photos and video tab is full of content to explore
  • Popular tweets are being highlighted and encouraging sharing of exciting (and marketable) material.

Staying on top of the latest developments helps them succeed where other Twitter users are content with using what they’ve always used. If you want to succeed on Twitter, be like Dunkin’ Donuts and stay on top of the latest developments.

Create Twitter Hashtags

Dunkin’ has focused on creating hashtags on Twitter for their business that users get to know quickly and use on their own. One example would be a recent contest known as the #APCoolattaSweeps that engaged quite a few users as they answered trivia questions about AP – Arnold Palmer, the name of a golfer and his legendary drink (it’s half iced tea and half lemonade) now being served at Dunkin’.

The current hashtag gaining traction is #DDPerks where Dunkin’ tweets out promos to their followers via their perks cards, and shares abound as users want their friends to save on delicious donuts as well.

Their other major ongoing hashtag is #MyDunkin. This hashtag is the primary way that they build their social proof as it\’s used all the time by the company itself, and by users who just happen to have some sort of Dunkin’ Donuts products that they’re consuming, often in an amusing way:

Caffeine y\’all. #mydunkin pic.twitter.com/54b7Ws1jGw

— Ryan Wesley Smith (@RyanWesleySmith) June 20, 2014

It’s an easy to remember hashtag, and the brand encourages you to have fun like the post above.

Collaborate With Off-brand Partners

\"DunkinThis is a two part story of how they succeed. First, Dunkin Donuts has teamed up with Liverpool FC, a soccer team in England for my non-soccer loving readers, for a new donut.

This has resulted in the Dunkin’ brand being exposed to a whole new breed of potential fans – soccer fans from all over the world who follow Liverpool. This interesting partnership has given them a whole new angle to explore as they work with someone well outside of their usual brand market.

The #DDLFCDonut campaign

#DDLFCDonut stands for “Dunkin’ Donuts Liverpool FC Donut.” This is the hashtag for the partnership above, but with a contest spin on it. The contest is for the chance to name the new donut in question for a chance to win a ticket to see Liverpool play in Boston, a rarity for the England based team. Users have been having fun coming up with names:

@DunkinDonuts Liverpuddlian Red #DDLFCDonut

— MissingLynxx (@MissingLynxx) March 19, 2014

Shares have been good as their followers want to see what silly names their friends come up with. On top of this, fans in Liverpool got in on the action and had a few suggestions of their own. This type of cross-promotion is an exciting way to develop a new fanbase, and Dunkin’ took full advantage of it.

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Brand Be On?

The all encompassing social media has got everyone running at a marathon\’s pace to create a presence on the world wide web. With the online marketing cosmos having players such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn to name a few, the dilemma of making the right choice for marketing your product/blog/service is no less complicated than a three year old solving a Rubik\’s Cube.

Why Should You Be Present On Social Media?

  • Create a presence on social media to monitor what’s being said about you
  • Incredible tool for deepening connection with customers
  • Yield larger interest among customers through detailed marketing
  • Faster mode of communication
  • Minimal investment for small and medium scale businesses

With all the social media channels at our disposal, it is not a choice, but now a necessity to make one\’s presence in not one, but all the spheres of the online marketing. The social media channels not only enable way less cash outflow than traditional marketing techniques, but also channelizes our product and services through the right mediums enabling a larger market presence. The choice of the right channel or a multitude of channels however is the smart thing to do, helping you make sure that you are heard. So here\’s a basic checklist for business to determine which social media platforms they should be present and spending their resources on:


Choosing The Right Platform


A brand should focus their time and resources on practical social media platforms that work for them. Research has to be done to figure where their target audience is on social media and which platforms are most effective at creating brand awareness and engagement. If your target audience is minimal or non-existent on a particular platform, don’t waste your time on it. Read, research, plan, organize, schedule and make your way mark on social media.


In the small scale sphere, Wed Me Good,  an online portal that helps you to find wedding inspirations, ideas and the professionals who create dream weddings took to Facebook in the month of February, 2014. In it, you can view gorgeous real weddings and see the vendors they hired, or browse wedding inspirations by color, theme and category. With great content, visuals and links, WedMeGood got itself more than 3,000 likes in a span of two months. This poses as a great example of what benefits you receive while choosing the right platform.

Using More Than 1 Platform


With a list of social media channels available, it does not come as a surprise when we find other social media brands having accounts on rival social media channels. In August last year, Instagram went offline for over an hour. They eventually took to Twitter to share their technical issue. This was due to the all encompassing presence of these channels making it inevitable for these channels to have accounts with their rivals.

Essentially, choosing the right social media platform is an individualistic choice that varies from business to business. What works for your competitor may not work for your brand. Thorough research and analysis should be done, so that your efforts and resources are not wasted on creating a presence on a social platform that doesn\’t end up working for you brand.

5 Best Twitter Campaigns From Big Brands

August 2007, and the Twitter account @MrMessina have played an important role in shaping the internet as we know it today. Yes I\’m talking about the very first use of hashtags on the internet. Ever since then, these tiny little markers of the internet have spread like wildfire across almost every single social platform and play a massive role in helping social media marketers to analyze and plan campaigns that go viral and begin trending instantly.

After exploring 5 Best Vines and 5 Best Instagram campaigns, we decided to shift our focus on Twitter campaigns. This list explores some of the most creative and highly engaging campaigns on Twitter over the past 1 year and what we can take away from each campaign.

#ShareTheSofa – Heineken

Being one of the major sponsors of club soccer\’s greatest league – the UEFA Champions League, Heineken decide they need to make the most of this opportunity even on Twitter by launching the #ShareTheSofa campaign. Beer and sofas are two of the most common things you could perhaps associate a soccer fan with. Heineken made use of this opportunity and helped soccer fans interact with some of the greatest soccer champions.

@Heineken What do you think would have been Ancelotti\’s half time message? #ShareTheSofa

— British GQ (@BritishGQ) May 24, 2014

The month long campaign included interviews from several soccer stars and Heineken even gave select fans an opportunity to literally share a sofa with the legends of the soccer world. It is a well known fact that over 70% of the soccer fans watch the matches alone with their smart devices and UEFA is among the top 3 most tweeted sporting events in the world. Despite this, most brands haven\’t been able to leverage the statistics in their campaigns until #ShareTheSofa.

#LetsEatTogether – CocaCola

Live tweets can be a boon as well as a bane at the same time. As a result, marketers usually try to avoid live tweets in their campaigns as much as possible. However, CocaCola is not one among those brands. CocaCola has been responsible for some of the most amazing ad campaigns and they have proved it again with their #LetsEatTogether campaign that began in Romania.

The campaign focused over he fact that over 60% of the Romanians eat alone in front of the TV or while staring at their mobile devices. This gave way to one of the most creative Twitter and TV ad campaigns. CocaCola asked Romanians to invite people over to dinner with their tweets. During the commercial, CocaCola would feature some of these tweets after editing them. The result was that people actually started waiting for the commercial to come on. Now how often does one get to see that happen? If this wasn\’t enough, many of the local celebrities, started tweeting, a chef came on board and the ad was even featured on news giving CocaCola a lifetimes coverage.

Subsequently, the campaign was spread to other parts of the world as well!

#LetsEatTogether with Coca-Cola #Pakistan http://t.co/l1Ks4hci2n pic.twitter.com/AIJm1SDCc7

— Brandsynario (@brandsynario) February 26, 2014

Dunk in the Dark – Oreo

When anyone talks about social media campaigns, you simply can\’t leave out Oreo. The sandwich cookie maker is by far one of the most innovative brands online. Their campaigns are quite creative and very original.

Power out? No problem. pic.twitter.com/dnQ7pOgC

— Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013

The SuperBowl is one of the most watched event across the U.S. As a result, every brand demonstrates their best and the most creative ads during the commercial. The contest is so intense that everyone wait eagerly even for the commercials. However, the last SuperBowl witnessed a blackout. Something most brands would scoff at but not Oreo. They decided to make the best of the situation and the result is a tweet that was talked about long after the event. They not only got the creative up in minutes but were able to capitalize on something like the blackout despite having a powerful strategy in place.

@Tweetacoffee – Starbucks

Last holiday, Starbucks came up with a brilliant campaign in line with the spirit of giving that would soon give them a massive ROI. Last October, Starcucks launched the Tweetacoffee campaign that allowed users to buy their friends coffee by linking their credit cards to the Starbucks account and the Starbucks account to their Twitter account. Once you have done this, all you need to do is mention @Tweetacoffee and your friends Twitter handle on the same tweet. Starbucks would then give your friend a free coffee from you.

Now sharing the gift of @Starbucks is as easy as sending a Tweet. http://t.co/UNbkcjRX1s

— Tweetacoffee (@Tweetacoffee) October 28, 2013

According to Keyhole, an independent research firm, the whole campaign generated as much as $180,000 in revenue to Starbucks which is quite a huge sum considering that the investment behind the campaign was very minimal. This study also revealed that about 32% of the coffees were purchased on the first day of the campaign and as many as 34% of Starbucks followers on Twitter used the service to buy coffee.

#SFBatKid – Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation

While sharing a sofa with a celebrity, eating with your family or even sending coffee to your friends is sweet, what takes the icing on the cake when it comes to the best Twitter campaign so far is possible #SFBatKid. The campaign was initiated by the Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation in November 2013. The campaign has won the Shorty Awards for the best Twitter campaign and is considered to be one of the best campaigns ever created not only because it went viral soon after it was launched but also because of the fact that the whole campaign was created and executed in less than 24 hours. The whole promotion began only a week before the actual event took place and yet it was a global phenomenon.

Thank you #SFBatKid. You were the true Hero of #SFGOpeningDay pic.twitter.com/RwGQbweZ9B

— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants) April 9, 2014

The #SFBatKid became a massive success thanks to the clever narrative and story telling that backed the campaign.

To end with, the most important lesson we could perhaps learn from some of the best Twitter campaigns is perhaps the fact that these campaigns did not become a massive success on their own. In many cases, it was cross channeling of media that really worked for the brands. At the same time, these brands make sure that they time their campaigns to perfection and nothing explains this better than the “Dunk in the Dark” tweet from Oreo. At times even a single tweet could propel your brand to the heights of glory but what everyone needs to take away from here is the fact that timing and cross channeling are certainly something that every brand needs to endorse a lot more in 2014.

10 Most Patriotic Twitter Accounts for Independence Day

Every July 4th is a red, white, and blue party in America, and it brings out some the best content on Twitter accounts across the country. Every Twitter account that is even remotely related to American history or politics has something to say about the holiday, and it can be great fun to have your Twitter account taken over by the best of this content.

I’m going to look at the best Twitter accounts to follow for Independence Day, and for American political interest in general. They’ll have a splash of patriotism, some historical significance, and there’d better be some fireworks! So get ready to see and retweet some great American content, and help you gain trust and new Twitter followers along the way as you connect with your fellow countrymen.

Statue of Liberty

If you had to pick one symbol for America, it may just be The Statue of Liberty. Her enduring symbolization of freedom and liberty for all has been in place for over a century, a will surely stand for much longer than that. Follow her this Independence Day in hopes of a seeing few exciting photos of her being lit up by fireworks! If you have any doubts about her relevancy to this list, take a look at the date on the tablet in her left hand.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama built his presidential run on social media, working his way into the White House one new Twitter follower at a time. President Obama may have staff run his account for him, but you can find him signing in from time to time, tweets signed “-bo” are from the thumbs of the President himself!

Michelle Obama

While the last Presidency may have been defined by the power of the Vice President, the First Lady appears to be more of a second opinion than Joe Biden (whose account isn’t terribly fun). Michelle Obama may be the most powerful woman on Earth (Sorry, Beyonce and Oprah), and her presence on social media is strong. Look for tweets signed “-mo” to hear something directly from the First Lady.

The White House

Lasting much, much longer than any President will ever hope to, The White House is a symbol of American pride. The  White House Twitter account was established by the Obama administration, but here’s to it being passed on when Obama steps down at the end of his term so that a social media legacy can be created for this historic landmark.

Macy’s Twitter Account

Independence Day in NYC wouldn’t be the same without the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks display. It is often said to be one of the best in the whole country, and we’re hoping that the Macy’s Twitter account is filled with images of fireworks over the Manhattan skyline.

Washington, DC

The National Independence Day Celebration rivals, or even surpasses the event in NYC. Not to knock the skyline of New York, but it’s tough to outdo the National Mall on July 4th! Expect the Washington DC Twitter account to be lit up with photos of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument all bathed in red, white, and blue fireworks.

Mount Rushmore

This may not be the most well managed Twitter account here, (check out the National Parks Service for something better) but they sure do give us a great view of the Mount Rushmore national monument, with beautiful fireworks, every year.

Happy Fourth of July! pic.twitter.com/qxl6SZOpnb

— Mount Rushmore (@MountRushmoreNM) July 4, 2013

Abraham Lincoln\’s Historical Twitter Account

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most loved figures in American history. His speeches were legendary, his policies were radical, and he shaped this nation more than any President since the Founding Fathers. This Abraham Lincoln account tweets out historical facts about Honest Abe, and is as good on Independence Day as any other time of the year.

Captain America

Steve Rogers is a man with many nicknames: The Star-Spangled Avenger. The Sentinel of Liberty. Ol’ Winghead. And, as he is best known: Captain America. In my opinion, Cap is the last true American symbol that has an active participation in today’s world. He isn’t a statue, a monument, or a dead President. He’s here and struggling with a modern American identity, despite his desire for the simpler times of the 1940’s when you punched ol’ Hitler in the jaw.

Catch one last preview for #Marvel\’s #CaptainAmerica: The #WinterSoldier, in theaters tomorrow! http://t.co/2ON2Uzpb6o

— Captain America (@CaptainAmerica) April 3, 2014

The US military on Twitter

Each one of these deserves its own spot on this list, but I have to group them together for space! Check out the US Army, US Marine Corp, US Navy, and US Air Force. They’re going to offer you unique images of our soldiers that no one else will have access to on Independence Day. Personally, I’m excited for some photos from the Air Force where fighter jets are flying in front of exploding fireworks. Fighter jets are awesome.

Happy Independence Day, America!

Feature image credit to the US Army on Flickr.

10 Awesome Twitter GIFs from Brands

Twitter announced the arrival of the GIFs with a GIF of their own last week, and it was like every brand on Earth with a Twitter account had been sitting on a big pile of great GIFs. It was a GIF explosion right from the very beginning, and we\’re loving it. Here are 10 of our favorite Twitter GIFs so far!

1. Twitter

Twitter got it started off right with a GIF that both poked fun at the pronunciation of GIF, it has a soft ‘g’ like Gin, and was just ridiculous as so many funny GIFs are:

Starting today, you can share and view animated GIFs on http://t.co/wJD8Fp317i, Android and iPhone. http://t.co/XBrAbOm4Ya

— Twitter Support (@Support) June 18, 2014

2. Oreo

This image takes full advantage of the continuous looping feature of GIFs as we gaze upon a mesmerizing repeat of Oreo cookies…that…makes me….need cookie…:

This new #GIF phase of Twitter is really putting a new perspective on things. http://t.co/4DlFG6J6CR — Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) June 19, 2014

3. Wendy’s

Wendy\’s is a type of business that isn’t commonly associated with social media, just tasty hamburgers. Their innovative use of their logo is sure to keep people’s mind on their brand. They had 832 retweets as of this writing. Now those are some social hamburgers:

Is there something on our cheek? http://t.co/MqyQYAFckr

— Wendy\’s (@Wendys) June 18, 2014

4. Cosmos

I am a bit of a geek, especially when it comes to science. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos TV series is doing plenty to bring science to the general public. This GIF of a rotating star is a perfect example of the beauty that is out there for us to learn about, and is perfect for sharing as social media users want to impress their friends with beautiful images:

Remember: The elements we\’re all made of were cooked in the fiery hearts of long vanished stars. #StarStuff #cosmos http://t.co/GxpxtGqqq3

— COSMOS (@COSMOSonTV) June 18, 2014

5. Arby\’s

Let’s talk about food again. Arby’s is a bit of an offbeat brand, their marketing is also a bit unusual. To coincide with the World Cup and their general weirdness, here is a GIF of one of their famous curly fries playing soccer. Ronaldo beware, this guy could seriously curl one in there too:

Just when you thought @Twitter couldn\’t get any better, now we can post a GIF of Curly Fries playing soccer. http://t.co/5XMK00sryk

— Arby\’s (@Arbys) June 18, 2014

6. Jeep

Jeep loves taking every chance they can to show off how tough their vehicles are. When you pair up that machismo with an usual locale, you get a GIF like this:

Experience #adventure in action. #GIF http://t.co/NW1XSDvrFy — Jeep (@Jeep) June 18, 2014

7. Soccer.com

As if Soccer.com wasn’t getting enough attention during the World Cup, they had to send us an unforgetable GIF that is funnier every time you see it. They went over 200 retweets and favorites in a hurry, and who would be surprised? The kid’s adorable!

Our reaction when we just found out @twitter now supports animated GIFs. http://t.co/Nfpl3zFDVJ

— SOCCER.COM (@soccerdotcom) June 18, 2014

8. Major League Baseball

In a similar vein, Major League Baseball sent us another young fan that got some pretty decent retweet and favorite numbers. You have to keep it PG – soft R rated on Twitter. With that in mind, cute sells to the tune of nearly 700 retweets:

Wait hold up … @Twitter supports GIFs now!? http://t.co/f7Mb14ijBX — MLB (@MLB) June 18, 2014

9. Mountain Dew

Okay, enough cute. Mountain Dew pride themselves on creating edgy marketing materials and truly engaging with their audience. Their first GIF clearly illustrates this: flashing neon lights, bacon, a kitty, a bottle of Mountain Dew… It’s like a GIF so much like bad 90’s web advertising that it’s good. Just don’t ask me what “FTW” stands for:

FTW! GIFs are now on Twitter! Tweet us the greatest GIF of ALL TIME to help us crown the #KingOfGIFs! http://t.co/5J7x21JVwg

— Mountain Dew® (@mtn_dew) June 18, 2014

10. The Office

I saved the funniest, and the best, GIF of all for last. With this one GIF, The Office on NBC won all GIF-ing from here on out. Your brand may attempt to gain Twitter followers in some way, but it will never reach the soaring heights of this perfectly on-message GIF:

GIFs on @Twitter? That\’s huge! http://t.co/rNpNvGxQ15

— The Office (@theofficenbc) June 18, 2014

The Problem With Twitter: Marketers Don\’t Get It

Lately, there\’s been a lot of discussion around the fact that there\’s a problem with Twitter. Marketers believe that it\’s undergoing algorithm changes similar to what Facebook has implemented and that soon marketers won\’t enjoy Twitter the way they used to. Another common problem that they feel with Twitter is that it\’s crowded, and it\’s hard to be seen.

Strategists aren\’t convinced that Twitter\’s ad platform is robust enough to allow them to get the right ROI or value from it, and on the whole – even though Twitter is a massive platform, it continues to fall behind the \”lure\” of Facebook for businesses. So what\’s the problem with Twitter?

I caught up with Krisoffer Howes, CEO of Weal Media, an international PR firm. Kris is as an expert on the Social Marketer\’s Quiz that we\’re running, and a well known social media expert on Google+ who frequents the Social Media Strategy community on Google+.


1. Heading up a digital PR firm today is fairly challenging. Do you have to spend a lot of time educating your clients on the benefits of digital? Or have brands and companies now started to \”get it\”?

Given that Weal Media is an international PR firm, we get exposure to a number of different geographical and cultural areas. In doing so, we have noticed that some regions are more receptive to digital strategies and are recognizing and embracing the shift from traditional media. Surprisingly, when compared to their neighbors to the South (United States) and East (Asia,) Canada has been significantly slower in adopting digital marketing strategies.


The challenge for most business owners and executives who resist the move to Internet marketing is to identify and measure the value in their contributions, whether they be time or money. This in turn becomes a challenge for digital marketers to provide metrics that can translate things like relationship-building and post views, into a language that speaks dollars and cents.


2. While Twitter has a huge number of \”registered\” users, a very small percentage of them are actually active on a weekly or even monthly basis. What do you feel Twitter needs to do to change this?

I do not think that it is something that Twitter needs to change, as much as I believe that marketers should re-assess the methods in which they communicate with their Twitter audience and build an active following on the platform.

To begin with I think that, by virtue of Twitter\’s 140 character limitation, marketers should already expect that their visitors will have a short attention span. That said, this highlights the need to focus on providing content that captures attention in a busy social stream and inspires consistent and meaningful engagement, particularly from active members and brand advocates. Ultimately, marketers should aspire to motivate the audience to seek-out their branded message, rather than produce a multitude of redundant posts that are left alone to desperately search for an audience of their own.

In Twitter\’s last update, the social network provided some important updates that can be used to identify a business\’ or brand\’s content that inspires engagement with the audience and also offers features to showcase the things the audience loves most.


3. Only 21% of marketers who took the quiz know that it\’s possible to schedule a tweet on Twitter without using a third party tool. I remember discussing this with you when we were formulating the questions! How surprising is this stat for you?

This does not surprise me in the least. In fact, I am much more surprised that number of people actually knew. I myself was surprised to learn that it was possible to schedule Tweets inside Twitter\’s \”Ads\” panel, easily and at no charge. As you called it, \”a hidden gem.\” Another is Twitter\’s number of allowable lists. Would you believe that Twitter affords us up to 1,000 lists?


4. Did any particular questions in the quiz stand out for you as being incredibly interesting or useful?

I was stunned by your results for calculating Bounce Rate. This as a fundamental metric in the online marketing industry. Internet marketers use this measurement quasi-religiously to determine and improve a webpage/website\’s performance. The fact that your quiz was able to identify this area as deeply problematic is a testament to its value and effectiveness in educating marketers.


5. Different brands and companies need to be on different networks, depending on who their target audience is and what kind of content they produce. However, if from all the big networks of the world, we had to do away with one – based purely on the fact that it doesn\’t add much business value to brands in terms of engagement, sales and interaction – which would you choose to do away with?

At the moment, and without much hesitation, I would say Facebook. Over time, the leading social network has intentionally reduced business\’ and brands\’ exposure to their fans. And, to make matters worse, Facebook offers their own paid methods of exposure as (pretty much) the only viable alternative. The other option is for businesses/brands to build REAL and meaningful relationships with consumers, and consistently deliver content that entices fans and friends to independently seek-out the company\’s updates and information, even when it is not immediately visible in their news feed. Regrettably this is something too few social media marketers have done in the past, particularly on Facebook.


On the other hand, the platform\’s competitors like Google+ and Twitter are introducing features that contribute to marketing efforts and help businesses and brands improve and maintain their exposure and engagement with fans, friends and followers. In fact, even Tumblr and Reddit are providing services that benefit businesses and appeal to marketers.


You can add Kristoffer to your circles on Google+, or interact with him on one the various communities of SMHangout! And if you haven\’t yet, you should really take the Social Marketer\’s Quiz!

The Only Guide You Will Need For Live Tweeting

The new age grapevine today is unarguably Twitter, making it an exciting platform for marketers. While many brands are burning their pockets with high budget marketing campaigns, for others innovation and fan build up increased simply through ‘meme-jacking’.

Yet another compelling marketing tactic that is gaining popularity is ‘Live tweeting’. Not only is it a cost effective way, it also connects your followers and influencers in a never before manner. The best brands in the business today realise this and therefore have been using it successfully to promote an individual event (read Adidas) or product launch, or intelligently plugging in their brands during a high voltage event like the Oscars, something that Taco Bell did quite effectively.

Though the idea of live tweeting sounds quite rad, a brand needs to conceptualise the strategy around it well in advance. Some brands may have a way around ‘live tweeting’ like this one but not everyone!

We therefore are sharing with you an all round guide to live tweeting that would help you gear up for events and provide your twitter audience with relevant, important and engaging updates without road bumps.


If you are a community manager for a brand, an agency employee or a seasoned blogger looking for live tweeting as a marketing opportunity this infograph would make your preparation a cake walk! Always remember that ‘Live tweeting’ involves spontaneity and therefore don’t forget to have fun.

Do share your thoughts and experiences or any suggestions that may be valuable to our readers and before I forget ‘keep the battery charged’!

Leaf: An Amazing Tool To Analyze Twitter Profiles

WEBSITE: https://anctu.com/leaf

About: Leaf is a Chrome extension that allows you to access detailed and precise analytics from Twitter profiles that interests you – be it your followers, influencers, competitors or even just your own profile directly from the Twitter or Tweetdeck page.

Users: From social media marketers to social bloggers, managers to researchers, smaller businesses, agencies or enterprises – there are no restrictions attached to the users of Leaf.

Cost of Application: While you need to subscribe to Leaf to get an invitation for usage, Leaf is a still free tool. Yay!

Twitter Profile Analysis

Leaf by Anctu is one of its kind, having no competition by far. There are many tools that help you schedule tweets or search for tweets, but reviewing a user profile in just a click, Leaf has created the benchmark! This tool to analyze twitter profile allows you to get insights on anyone without leaving their Twitter or Tweetdeck profile.  It provides you with a set of metrics for each Twitter user that you can analyze such as tweets per day, social influence, engagement and so on. We had the opportunity to speak to Marko Pavlovic who shared a bit on what makes Leaf special.


Stay Updated

One of the key benefits as shared by Pavlovic is for you to stay updated with your competitors, followers, influencers and community. It provides you with an insight into the flow of activities in the profile of the user you are interested in.


Google Chrome Extension

The \’Leaf\’ tab is an extension on Chrome that allows you to analyze your personal Twitter profile that you are on. A drop down box also shows a list of profiles you have reviewed recently.


Twitter Profile Extension

Alternatively, you can click on the Leaf button that appears user profiles which enables you to view the analysis according to different factors.


The User Interface

Leaf (0.6 Beta) comes with a fairly simple user base which is as easy as \’the click of a button\’. Once you register as a user, you get a \’leaf\’ tab for your Google Chrome browser followed by a \’leaf\’ tab on every twitter user profile. We love this tool to analyze twitter profiles because all you need is just one click for a user to be enthralled with a simple yet a detailed analysis of the profile he/she is viewing.

Basic Features: 

  • A shiny leaf button on every Twitter account you view that triggers stunning analytics, even on Tweetdeck.
  • A set of metrics for each Twitter profile you wish analyze such as tweets per day, social influence, Klout score, a quick overview of topics discussed, recent mentions, top influencers, most engaging tweets and more.
  • Access to a powerful social media dashboard where you can manage and track your Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

Quick Summary Of Twitter Profile


Weekly Forecast Of Retweet Engagement\"Screen

Topics Recently Discussed


With the multitude of benefits rendered by Leaf, it does not come as a surprise that it has found bundles of user invites awaiting its approval as you read this. Pavlovic has also shared that Leaf will be extended to other social media platform giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Thus, no point in wasting precious time and money on reviewing a Twitter or a Tweetdeck profile with another application. We are sold on Leaf as the go-to tool to analyze twitter profiles!

Which Is The Best Social Media Platform For Customer Service?

Social media is not just a fad amongst teenagers anymore, businesses are using it for marketing purposes and a lot more the world over. It is increasingly being recognized as a platform where customers can raise their concerns (good or bad) related to that business’s products/ services. “A lot of people think that Twitter is a fad and you can’t really use it effectively to talk to customers,” said Bianca Buckridee, Vice President of Social Media Operations for JP Morgan Chase clearly indicating that there are many businesses out there who haven’t explored the full potential of even the most popular social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing and customer service are poles apart and shouldn’t be confused. Even though one platform might serve as a great marketing avenue, it might not really up your customer services. Considering that both Twitter and Facebook have millions of users the world over, which platform serves as the best for businesses to up their customer services?

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg reaffirms that the company is all about “connecting everyone and improving the world through sharing”. While on the other hand, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo calls Twitter the “global town square” of social media. The company states its aim as “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”

Even though the visions seem to overlap in terms of delivering a platform for connecting and sharing to everyone, both have distinctive features making Facebook known more for “connecting” and Twitter popularising for “sharing ideas and information.” If the ongoing competition between the two confuses you too and you can’t decide which platform you can use to deliver promising customer services, here is a comprehensive breakdown of each.

Twitter As A Customer Service Platform


Chirag Shah, the Senior Manager (Digital Marketing), Group Marketing at Singapore Post Ltd says, “In my experience so far, I have found that Twitter is great for one on one conversations – most complaints/ feedback are conversation starters – consumers gravitate towards Twitter to have those conversations – and hence, Twitter is a great platform to immediately address service/ product issues customers are facing.”

Though he also believes that depending on the demographics of the organization, each platform can turn out to be great customer platform. “Facebook on the other hand is great for creating a community like environment that shares knowledge/ experience about a company’s product/ service – and hence, a good place to bring your customers to for education and for FAQ,” says Shah.

Facebook As A Customer Service Platform


Alex Stojkovic, Marketing and Communications Manager at Blue-Pencil Information Security Inc. says, “Personally, I believe Facebook is the better customer service platform for many reasons. Without an understanding of your audience or market place and speaking in generalities, Facebook offers a more robust platform for customers with problems or concerns to reach out.”

Many businesses out there are already using this platform actively for customer services and Stojkovic breaks down the primary reasons for them to do so:

  • As a customer with a question or concern, it would be extremely difficult to explain to customer service representative your problem within 140 characters. Facebook definitely has the advantage over Twitter in this regard.
  • Given its sheer popularity, Facebook is far more advantageous over Twitter. Twitter’s audience of users tend to be younger and stark contrast to Facebook which has a wider demographic user-base.

But being in the business for long, he too has one tip to share:

“The determination of which platform to use for customer service should ultimately rely on reaching out to existing customers in the form of an online or email survey and see what they say. If 90% of your customer base is on Twitter and you decide to go to Facebook, such a decision is going to have catastrophic business consequences.”

So Which Is The Better Platform For Customer Care?

As seen from the infographics above, both platforms are far from perfect in terms of features. Ultimately the decision you make while choosing the social platform(s) for customer service depends on where the majority of your audience is active on. Should there be an a 50/50 or 60/40 spread of your audience across both platforms, the platform that you choose should be determined by the demographics of your audience and the the products and services of your business. We would suggest going on board both platforms to better connect with your audience, but if you have to choose between Twitter or Facebook, we’ll conclude with:

  • Twitter is great to track conversations around your business, promoting your products and resolving your customer\’s issues in a swift manner. You can join in conversations with your followers as well as others outside of your community, creating more effective social customer care.
  • Facebook is better platform for creating communities to share in-depth information of your products or services. The posts and replies published on your page can also be seen by everyone in your community, increasing the effectiveness of broadcasting announcements.

With so many other social platforms springing up alongside them, businesses might feel the need to be visible on all but that\’s not true. It\’s the audience that determines where you need to be present to reap the maximum benefits from social media.

Did you know that irrespective of the platform you chose for your customer service, you can get real time social data from that platform augmented with AI only on social listening platform provided by Circus Social.