Experience 20/Twenty, the world’s most intuitive and comprehensive listening platform. From analyzing trends to sentiments, news and share of voice, 20/Twenty goes beyond just monitoring and helps gives your brand the best information to make informed decisions.

  • Crisis Management and Mitigation
  • Competitor Tracking and Intelligence
  • Influencer Discovery and KOL Tracking
  • Powerful Audience Insights
  • Real-Time Alerts and Automated Reports
  • Trend Spotting and Predictive AI

Crisis Management and Mitigation

20/Twenty’s real-time monitoring provides an early warning system for brands and helps manage crisis situations swiftly and decisively.

Proactively identify crisis situations through our platform’s real-time alerts and keyword tracking to stay a step ahead of any potential crisis.

Competitor Tracking and Intelligence

Never miss what your competitors are doing! Keep tabs on your competitors’ brand mentions, conversation volume/ trends and key announcements across all official brand platforms in one place.

This real-time intelligence allows your brands to pinpoint any areas of weakness, leverage competitor weaknesses and identify opportunities for growth.

Influencer Discovery and KOL Tracking

Identify top influencers that are mentioning and creating buzz around your brand across popular social media channels.

Keep tabs on key opinion leaders for your brand, competition or industry to watch what they are saying and identify opportunities to collaborate.

Comprehensive Audience Insights

Get deeper and more meaningful insights into audiences and consumers by analysing their digital behaviour, and by monitoring who and what they engage with.

With 20/Twenty, you can answer the most important questions in one place

Real-Time Alerts and Automated Reports

Schedule email alerts to reach you in real time for topics of interest such as changes in consumer sentiment, brand reputation incidents and growing trends.

Don't have time to write a report? Schedule various formats of automated reports to be sent straight to your inbox at any time of the day!

Trend Spotting and Predictive AI

20/Twenty make it easier for brands to identify fresh trends on social media – and filter through the junk to find what’s most relevant.

Using predictive AI, we have developed proprietary algorithms to help brands accurately identify content that generates more engagement and to act on it.

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