Circus Command Centre

The Circus Command Centre is a smart display solution for accessing all your important data points, offering real-time visualizations of social media & digital content. The Command Centre is perfect for brands that need real-time insights to find and capitalise on trends and viral content as it happens, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and at the top of your game.

  • Daily Social Media and News Monitoring
  • Daily Brand Health & KPI Monitoring
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Real-Time On-Screen Alerts and Notifications

Daily Social Media and News Monitoring

Stay up to date with the latest conversations in the social media and news ecosystem.

Daily Brand Health & KPI Monitoring

View all your key brand health metrics such as overall sentiment, conversation trends and more in one dashboard.

Campaign Monitoring

Are your campaigns reaching the right audiences? How are they responding to it?

Use the Command Centre keep track of how your campaigns are performing.

Real-Time On-Screen Alerts

The Command Centre offers real-time onscreen alerts, allowing you to respond quickly and decisively to crisis situations or to capitalize on a trending topic.

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